Cordlife Grand Baby Fair on January 27-29

Hi Mommies (amd Daddies too) ! Are you ready for your upcoming bundle of Joy? Up to Php 10K worth of freebies, 5 months supply of Huggies Diapers, and more exclusive event offers await you at this year’s Grand Baby Fair! Also, get a chance to meet and greet my fellow Cordlife moms when you drop by the Cordlife booth from Jan 27-29, 2017 at … Continue reading Cordlife Grand Baby Fair on January 27-29

Thoughts when you’re pregnant AGAIN

Having another child is a whole new and different experience especially when their ages are so close like our babies like ours. When a woman becomes pregnant again, her thoughts multiply by the hour. I just found out with my second pregnancy that all pregnancies differ from person to person and from one kid to another. Second time moms, do/ did you feel the same? … Continue reading Thoughts when you’re pregnant AGAIN

Ideal Pregnancy Weight Gain

Moms, new moms, to-be-moms are almost always conscious on how much weight is okay to gain during pregnancy. There’s just so much drastic changes happening in a woman’s body and life during pregnancy that some women forget that it is also important to take care of their health through watching how much they gain or loose. Some people think gaining weight means there’s a healthy baby in the … Continue reading Ideal Pregnancy Weight Gain

Last few days or hours of being an Only Child

So this is it! The last few days or hours of our little Chesca as an only child. I still can’t believe that she will be a big sister already and soon we’ll be parents of 2 kids – a family of 4. Time really flies but I stop everyday and savor every moment with my family and my kids. If I could just play a … Continue reading Last few days or hours of being an Only Child

The Waiting Game: Baby #2

We’re ready to POP! And the walking begins for me 🙂 We’re officially waiting to meet our boy. It may take days or still 2- 3 weeks though but we’re full term already! Thank you Lord and everyone who helped me go through this pregnancy. It was relatively not a sensitive pregnancy- I never vomitted, I had no nanny for my first born for the … Continue reading The Waiting Game: Baby #2

The 2nd Pregnancy

I still remember clearly every second of my birthing experience with our first child. It’s really a life-changing experience. The thrill of having our second baby is beyond words as our first but this time there are more considerations while preparing for the coming of our 2nd child. So what are the notable experiences when you prepare and as you go through your 2nd (maybe 3rd, … Continue reading The 2nd Pregnancy

Hospital Bag Checklists for Mom & Baby

Now that I’ve experienced giving birth already, I’m sharing a couple of things to make moms’ lives easier when packing the stuff to bring in the hospital. Make sure mommy’s bag and baby’s bag are ready when pregnancy is at 35th week or 8 months. I prepared and brought so much in the hospital when I gave birth for the first time last year. Now with my … Continue reading Hospital Bag Checklists for Mom & Baby

The Joys of Pregnancy

There are so many things to be happy about when you’re pregnant. That moment when your pregnancy test gave you a positive result is the first among many pregnancy joys. Women are not always and forever pregnant so for the pregnant ladies, enjoy the journey even if some things aren’t really as pleasant as they seem to be when you see and read them online, … Continue reading The Joys of Pregnancy

Preggy style

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to let go of that stylish you! Although being pregnant (not to mention the all hormonal and emotional changes going on in your body and mind) makes you feel lazy and tired, doesn’t mean you look ugly then just give up on fixing yourself. Fixing doesn’t have to mean being fully made up. Just keep yourself simple, clean, and dress … Continue reading Preggy style