The Waiting Game: Baby #2

We’re ready to POP! And the walking begins for me 🙂

We’re officially waiting to meet our boy. It may take days or still 2- 3 weeks though but we’re full term already! Thank you Lord and everyone who helped me go through this pregnancy. It was relatively not a sensitive pregnancy- I never vomitted, I had no nanny for my first born for the 1st trimester but I was okay and the baby (just exhausted), no spotting or bleeding (just backache because of abrupt weigh gain), and my hormones are all balanced and health is normal. I also didn’t  go through getting a flu without medication. And the good thing too is that we found our little girl a good nanny.

In this last stretch the discomforts are at their peak while I also attend to my 1 year old’s needs and mom needs. She just wouldn’t stop wanting to be carried too.

Her development is amazing! A fast learner and a very bright girl. Thank you Lord for the blessing of a healthy family. I can’t wait to see both our babies grow and play together but for now we enjoy the newborn bliss and toddler fun we have at home with our kids. We wish and pray for them to be God-fearing and be family-oriented.

We already had our staycation before I pop. More about our stay in Discovery Suites in a separate post soon. A wonderful family hotel.

I now feel the difference on being pregnant with a boy and a girl (although it may not be the same for all). Our boy is just so much more active in my tummy which made me more acidic this pregnancy. Aside from the feeling of looking so lousy this 2nd time around, I feel that hormones have overtaken my emotions sometimes (but not all the time and I don’t mean being unreasonable). My small and simple appetite became monstrous and complicated with our boy. Therefore, I’m at my biggest – in terms of weight 😉

The home and newborn baby boy stuff are all set and ready! Exciting times ahead for the family. The home is just always so cheerful with babies around.

Of course, nesting urge is also at its peak! I fix the home nonstop and think about how things will be kept organized day in and day out. I guess these are all normal.

We can’t wait to meet our boy ! See you soon our Matteo Paolo ❤

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