About Me

When I got engaged in 2011, I knew my life will change forever. Life is sweeter with your better half around everyday and enjoying all things together like travel and steady weekends. The world as I knew it changed all the more when I became a mom in 2015. Our bundles of joy were answered prayers after 2 years of waiting. God indeed has big plans for us.


Having a child taught me how to appreciate the simple joys in life all the more. My world transitioned from working for big corporations to sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and diapers. Life became more challenging than long hours of work. But really, motherhood is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Working from home now and managing a household is indeed no joke but the returns are immeasurable and beyond words.

Our 2nd child Matteo, our son, came along after a year my daughter, Chesca, was born. Now we’re raising 2 kids. No words can describe how fun, chaotic, and happy our days are! Cherishing every minute, every moment of each day.

I don’t have answers to everything in this blog but it’s an avenue for us to share some helpful and various experiences. So join me in my journey as I share my experiences, discoveries, and learnings. I would love to hear from you too so feel free to send me a message.

Big thanks to everyone who have been in touch because of my blog- from my family, friends, former officemates, former teachers, and new friends here and even those who live seas and oceans apart from me. Your messages and questions are very much appreciated 😊 feel free to email me at tinatanjuatco@gmail.com anytime.

I love writing about everything simple, happy, inspiring, and everything else that matters. Here are the stuff you’ll find here:


This all about me which includes my reflections and thoughts (Just Saying), food and restaurant experiences and my own recipes (Food & Recipes), fashion and other stylish things (Beauty & Style), techie stuff since I think my interest in technology will never cease to exist (Tech).


I love my family! Here you’ll find stuff about me and my husband who is my partner and best friend for 18 years this year 2020 (Couple Life), my adventures and learnings as a pregnant woman for almost 2 years straight (Pregnancy), my life as a mom (Mom Life), and everything about infants, babies, kids, and our babies Chesca and Matteo / Matt (Babies & Kids).


You’ll find all products and services we love and recommend to everyone. Our family does not recommend anything we personally haven’t tried or tested or anything we do not believe in. We’d like everyone to enjoy what we enjoy too.

You’ll discover more about me and my family and everything we love as you read through my blog. Enjoy reading and spread the love 🙂

~ Tina ~

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