These can be your daily “Happy Pills” too

If you live in the city, life is so much more busy and complicated with technology and many more things happening around. The level of stress is usually much higher. Although there are also numerous ways to manage stress in the city like the availability of modern exercises and other social groups. The presence of social media in today’s world creates so much new things … Continue reading These can be your daily “Happy Pills” too

Simple Hair & Makeup Tutorial Videos

I’m not a heavy or full makeup person but I love to play with makeup once in a while and learn new skills on my own through makeup tutorial videos. Learning on my own has been something I enjoy instead of taking full classes sometimes. I remembered how I learned gymnastics and dancing skills on my own at home that got me into becoming a … Continue reading Simple Hair & Makeup Tutorial Videos

Videos for Kids

Let’s admit it – however idealistic as we want to be with kids, we will need some attractive and educational videos for our toddlers too one time or another. May they be for your own kids, niece, nephew, godson, goddaughter, or your friend’s kid, you will need some form of entertainment and a way to educate them through videos. For first time parents who are trying … Continue reading Videos for Kids

9 Tips to Simplify and Organize your Tech Life

Are you spending your days online and when you think about it, you haven’t really accomplished much? Are you updated with most of your Facebook friends’ lives? Do you usually use the forgot username and password features of sites and apps?  Do you feel so lost and bored without wi-fi or internet connection? Does it make you jittery if you haven’t checked your Facebook or … Continue reading 9 Tips to Simplify and Organize your Tech Life