Simple Hair & Makeup Tutorial Videos

I’m not a heavy or full makeup person but I love to play with makeup once in a while and learn new skills on my own through makeup tutorial videos. Learning on my own has been something I enjoy instead of taking full classes sometimes. I remembered how I learned gymnastics and dancing skills on my own at home that got me into becoming a cheer dancer in my high school days. Of course, some skills had to be learned with formal classes 🙂

Here are some of my favorite simple makeup and hairstyle tutorial videos from a few people I enjoy watching via their Youtube channels and they are also known as good vloggers. These videos are more on the natural, simple, easy-to-achieve looks including tips. Have fun!

Michelle Phan – she started uploading her videos in Youtube last 2007 and I started watching her that time when she had less than a million followers. Now she has her own makeup brand. I like her because of her Asia features which matches my skin and look in a way. Here are my top favorite videos from Michelle. Her channel offers more stuff other than makeup. Click on each to view the video.

  1. Natural looking makeup tutorial
  2. Simple and Clean 
  3. Basic brow
  4. Simple fast
  5. Fresh 5 minute
  6. 3 Ways to Change Up your look 
  7. Casual Date Night Look
  8. Brighter Larger Looking Eyes
  9. Simple Everyday Look
  10. Makeup for Glasses 
  11. Romantic Valentine Look
  12. Everyday Chic School Look
  13. Glamorous Birthday Look
  14. Romantic Valentine’s Day Date
  15. Chic Makeup for Glasses
  16. Natural Beauty
  17. Elegant Holiday Look
  18. Day to Night Makeup

Bubz Beauty – Her real name is Lindy Tsang. She is a British born Chinese. Her cute, funny, bubbly videos are fun to watch. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. No Makeup Makeup
  2. Drugstore Everyday Makeup
  3. Summer Makeup
  4. Chic Night Look
  5. Makeup for sick days
  6. First Date Makeup
  7. 30 Beauty Tips in 4 mins
  8. Eyelining Tutorial
  9. 3 Easy Back to School Looks
  10. How to remove Makeup
  11. Natural Glam Look
  12. How to Contour, Highlight, and Bake

Jen Chae / From Head to Toe – I so love her simple and basic tutorials. Life need not be complicated and so is enhancing our beauty.

  1. Quick Everyday Brow Routine
  2. 10 Beauty Tools Everyone Needs
  3. Everyday Contour and Highlight Tutorial
  4. Lipstick 101
  5. How to Highlight 101
  6. Concealer 101: Tips for a flawless face
  7. How to remove makeup (everyday and waterproof)
  8. Basics: How to Contour
  9. How to Apply Blush and Highlighter
  10. How to Wash makeup brushes
  11. Perfect Brows Tutorial
  12. Everyday Makeup using NO BRUSHES
  13. Everyday Makeup for Work and School
  14. Makeup for sick days
  15. No Makeup Makeup Tutorial
  16. Simple 1-color Smokey Eye Tutorial
  17. Makeup for Glasses

Enjoy the videos and Happy beautiful weekend! These are just mostly smile everyday light makeup looks 🙂

“Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.” – Charlotte Tilbury

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