These can be your daily “Happy Pills” too

If you live in the city, life is so much more busy and complicated with technology and many more things happening around. The level of stress is usually much higher. Although there are also numerous ways to manage stress in the city like the availability of modern exercises and other social groups. The presence of social media in today’s world creates so much new things – there are new types of personalities that are brought about social media and society’s pressure. But it can also bring positive things for everyone. It can be your connection to your friends or an avenue to gain more friends. It can also be a way to spread love, positivity, and sources of inspiration to all.

Lately, news around the world have been leaning more on the negative things like mass shootings, massacres, and many other deaths. This really saddens me. Life is so precious and people are too and their lives are just taken away by people who are deranged or selfish. This is alarming for everyone in the world. As a mom, you worry more about your children’s future each day as you hear the bad stuff in the news. I keep asking myself, what future will my kids have in this society? I do hope they make the right decisions, choose the right friends, choose the right path and career that will bring out the best in them and at the same time where they will be safe always. When your a parent, the worry never ends.

My forever happy pills! 🙂

Aside from my kids and family (who are my top reason to smile and be happy everyday),  there are several social media accounts that give me happy doses at different  parts of the day. They are sort of my other “happy pills” and I thank the people behind these accounts for giving people reasons to smile, to hope, to dream, to go on, to believe, to wonder, to trust, to stay upbeat, or to be the best that they can be.

Just a trivia, social media is something I didn’t want before but it’s not so bad after all. I got my Facebook account after I got married. Hahaha! Yes, somehow I succumbed to peer pressure 😉 I realized that if you know yourself well and you know how to use social media and technology for the good, everything will be alright and even better 🙂

So here are the accounts that are worth following to balance those news accounts you follow. Of course, news are important part of our lives. We need to know what’s happening around us but allow yourself to be reminded of the wonderful and inspiring stuff in life through social media and these accounts. Hope you find those doses of inspiration too.


***Click each to go to their pages***

  1. Bright Side
  2. Upworthy
  3. Word Porn
  4. Simple Reminders
  5. Not Salmon
  6. Pope Francis
  7. Josemaria Escriva
  8. Happsters
  9. Oh Happy Day
  10. The Good Quote 
  11. 9GAG
  12. Best Sayings
  13. Think Grow Prosper
  14. Power of Positivity
  15. Living Life to the Full


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