Mother Nurture: 3 years of Breastfeeding at its finest

Breastfeeding is one unforgettable adventure I experienced in my life. Not even the long, overnight, and tedious work in my previous companies as an employee way back in 2006 can match the challenging and rewarding feeling of breastfeeding. The campaign and information on breastfeeding and breast milk today is so widespread that all mothers are encouraged to breastfeed up to 2 years (ideally).

I know not all women are given the chance to experience this. So for moms who can and may breastfeed, try to take this opportunity to do it. In the end, it’s all our personal choice and all moms are great moms. But most moms who do know how valuable it is to support other breastfeeding moms too. Every encouragement and every little thing that could help moms through breastfeeding journey is a huge help! There are numerous tips on how to increase the milk supply and some even have support groups or lactation consultation/ coach to make it through. SOme even say it’s all psychological and all moms need is rest and water (well, I don’t know about rest.. I mean how to get it with kids or a newborn around).

With the new technology available and modern times, there are so many products out there to help breastfeeding become more comfortable for moms (including the busy, working moms). Aside from the breast pumps, there are so many lactation aids available in the market. But for me, there are a few that I can say I personally recommend and experienced to be effective myself. One of which is MOTHER NURTURE‘s drinks. I mentioned them in my previous post, but here’s a deeper understanding of the product and why I love it.


What is Mother Nurture?

Mother Nurture’s products include lactation coffee and chocolate drinks and now Mother Nurture Hair Mask.

You may read up on their products and all the benefits a breastfeeding mom may get from them too here

How did it start?

Lan owns and manages Mother Nurture. It initially started as a relactation rehab center to help those who want to bring their babies back to breasts (just like Lan who successfully did it herself).
The relactation center provided everything from accommodation, food, lactation consultants and wet nurses. It was a dwelling place for those moms who want to breastfeed. It didn’t turn out to be sustainable since sometimes she needed to use her personal resources in some rehab sessions. After some thinking on other ways on how to help breastfeeding moms, the idea of lactation drinks came about since no one was selling it locally.
She knew how it feels to be deprived from drinking coffee (for the coffee lovers) so the thought of enjoying a cup of coffee while breastfeeding is a win win!
They conducted market research and eventually came up with the formulation and partnered with companies who understood their goals and objectives to be able to come up with their products.
Throughout the process, the Lord was there to guide her and her team 🙂

What is the mission vision of the company?

The main objective is to EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE every Filipino family to Breastfeed. They want to reach out to every individual and educate them on how important breastfeeding is. That it’s not just for the babies but for the whole family, community, and the country and that by simply choosing to breastfeed, you are giving your child a bright future with a strong mind and body.
Most importantly, Breastfeeding is God’s design. So no one can ever question if breastfeeding is for them or not. Women have breasts for them to breastfeed and nourish their children.
Based on my personal experience and what Lan personally experienced and heard from other moms, Mother Nurture helps moms to be more confident in their breastfeeding journey. It is indeed a sense of assurance that they are on the right track so they just need to keep going.

How do you see yourself and Mother Nurture 5 years from now?

Lan wants to set up a HUB in every city wherein any individual can learn about the beauty of motherhood and breastfeeding.
  • A baby/mommy friendly store that caters brands of local momprenuers
  • cafe that serves MN mixes and lactation goodies
  • a spa and salon that uses products safe for breastfeeding moms
  • a library for reliable source regarding breastfeeding plus in house breastfeeding counselors
  • a safe playroom for breastfeed babies/ toddlers while their moms are having a well deserved pampering.
Currently, Lan and her team are looking into exporting to other countries.

Advice to breastfeeding moms

Lan has a few words for all breastfeeding moms:

You are unique and so is your baby, don’t ever compare their breastfeeding journey to yours. 

Breastfeeding is not easy, but it is WORTH IT.

Breastfeeding is God’s design, it will never go wrong. 

I personally think that the ingredients creating the success of Mother Nurture are Lan’s passion, strong conviction to help, and her love for babies, moms, families, the community, and our country. What a wonderful perfect world if we’re all like Lan 🙂
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