Ark Avilon Zoo Experience (February 2017)

One of the first things that children learn in life are about animals- their sounds to be specific. Children don’t only get acquainted with humans but also other species like farm animals and pets. They observe and learn other creatures we live with on this planet. Our eldest showed great interest in farm animals because of Old McDonald’s farm nursery rhyme. She has animals books, … Continue reading Ark Avilon Zoo Experience (February 2017)

Love Letter to my First Born on the Eve of Her 2nd Birthday

Dear Little Ate Chesca, It’s your second birthday already and the past year has been such a blessing to our family. Some highlights of the milestones and memories we enjoyed and experienced. You walked 3 days after your first birthday. It’s the year you became a big sister. I can’t forget how you wondered who the baby was and slowly getting used to having Matt … Continue reading Love Letter to my First Born on the Eve of Her 2nd Birthday

A Kidzoona Experience (January 2017)

As adults and parents, we always want to bring our kids in safe places where they get less exposed to germs. But reality is that if we shelter our kids and keep them from going and doing things, they might have a hard time coping with the real world. Some kids develop serious allergies if not exposed to dust, a few dirt, and pollution. A little … Continue reading A Kidzoona Experience (January 2017)