DIY Bath Paints

Our little girl, Chesca, went to me and asked if we can get bath paints when we go to the mall next time. She watched a bath paint video review in YouTube and at this stage in her toddler life, writing and painting are her every day important things to do. I’m amazed how she can draw stick people now and how she can tell stories with her drawings without training or enough practice since I keep most of the writing and art materials in the cabinets since Matt, her younger brother, usually messes up and writes on our walls and tables (even on himself).

Just an advice, if your child is into arts and writing, support them fully and it will bring out skills and talents your child maybe gifted with. As a typical mom who want to give what her child wants, I recalled if I ever saw bath paint anywhere in the shopping malls or online shops. I think once I did but it’s not so common to have them around in the shops here so I though this is something I can make at home.

And so I found some ingredients available in the home to make bath paints for the kids! Sharing how I made it so you make your kids , nieces, or nephews the next time you want to make bath time more fun with bath paints!


  1. 1-2 cups of shower gel or better if you have baby bath liquid soap
  2. 1-2 cups of cornstarch
  3. a few drops of food colouring depending how dark or light the shade of the paint you want it to be


  1. Mix the cornstarch and shower gel or baby bath.
  2. Add more cornstarch if the solution is too watery or add more shower gel or baby bath if too thick.
  3. Add colouring
  4. Paint away! Enjoy! It’s totally washable and safe. But do not ingest or taste

It’s so fast to make and so easy! We put ours in squeezable bottles for an easier way of dispensing the bath paint. You may even store the paint in these bottles safely.

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