Hello 2020! I’m back!

It’s been a while since I wrote here. I have no excuse but again, life happened. Kids are growing up so fast and my hands were full so many good things last year. Holiday celebrations were great, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything else. Moving on and fast forward to 2020, I have so much I want to share and feature but I can only do it slowly. So hang on and little by little I’ll get the groove back and share useful stuff and good stuff too.

So many online reflections are posted and shared the past weeks but I guess this year and moving forward I only hope and pray that our children grow in humility and simplicity. May they know what really matters in this world early on. I can honestly say that I figured out some stuff just years ago when it’s good to know truths early on.

Thankful for a great year and for keeping our loved ones safe. So many events happened and so I have so much Photo booking backlogs to do. I seriously need to get this going already and catch up to 2020. I didn’t go on a hiatus in life, I simply put my writing skills somewhere else and new things came last year which we are so thankful for.

Anyway, it’s nice to break the silence here and I’m excited to share again my thoughts and some stuff for everyone. Thank you to all the readers who keep reading and kept finding my past articles useful. Much happiness from these things really.

Gotta go for now, see ya!

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