Director’s Club Cinema

So finally we were able to go on a movie date after a long time! Being both hands on parents and business partner is tough and so we only find a few moments for now to squeeze in movie dates. This is not only why I was excited to watch but it’s because it’s my first time to watch in The Podium’s Director’s Club Cinema. It’s located at Level 5 of the mall at a price that’s a little bit more than the price of the nice regular cinemas today, you get a premium and quality time watching a movie. Why premium and quality ? Well, here goes…

Lazy Boy Chairs

For Filipino, Lazy Boy Chairs are the any type of chair that’s really really comfortable, sofa-like cushions and upholstery, have push buttons to recline and put up the foot rest, with big arm rests, and maybe additional cup holder feature and a moveable table. Well, all of these is what a chair in Director’s Club cinema has. Nice one right? You may even find yourself like lying down on a bed while watching. I love how spacious each row is. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the leg room or hitting someone at the back or front or even sides as you move your super comfy chair. It’s just funny how I hear someone adjusting their chair when silent moments in the movie occur- it’s sound of friction between the leathers of the chair.

Private Feel

We definitely felt the privacy with only 48 seats in the cinema. Even though it was almost full (or maybe it was), we didn’t even feel there were people around (just those in front and beside us).

In-House Butler Service

Every chair has a call button. Press it when you need an extra popcorn, drink, anything you want from the menu, or in my case, brewed coffee. Yes you got that right, they serve brewed coffee , not instant and not those coffees in a take out cup. I simply love it! As much as I want to press it, of course I’d like to be mindful of others who are watching since every time you press it, a waiter/ butler will get your order. You can press the call button anytime even while the movie is playing. Pay as you order.

This was the trailer before the movie. We watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Comfort Rooms in the Cinema

I remembered that some cinemas in Makati before had comfort rooms inside the cinema too. Still a nice feature of the Director’s Club Cinema. No need to run to the comfort room and run back to your seat and ask your companion what you missed.

If you haven’t tried watching here, you really should. Or maybe you have already, so I guess you’d always want to watch here right? Now let me check what’s the next good movie lined up this year for our next movie date at The Podium Director’s Club Cinema.

Happy to share a relaxing experience with you!

The Podium Director’s Club Cinema

5/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

You can find their Menu here:

Download the app here for Apple Users: click here

Download the app here for Google Play: click here


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