Anti Blue Light Glasses for Kids

In a blink of an eye, people’s way of life changed. Our most and only secured place is now our home. It should be right? Since we spend so much time at home now, we are inclined to use gadgets more often for work, for learning, for communication, for social interaction, for information, and for entertainment. All of these entail facing screens. These screens emit what is called blue light.

So what is blue light in simple terms?

According to several studies, blue light emitted from all gadgets speeds up eye degeneration and can cause blindness. How? Studies show that the blue light is damaging the retina of the eyes (the inner lining of the back of our eyes). Too much exposure may damage light- sensitive cells of our retina. The sun is also a source of blue light but we don’t look at the sun directly for long periods of time right? So prolonged gadget use is like looking at a dimly-lit sun for a long time. It will really damage our eyes in the long run.

Out of curiosity and because I really wanted to make sure on how true this is, I asked a friend who is an ophthalmologist if all these stuff from blue light, gadget use, and anti blue light glasses are real or is it just part of another marketing ploy of businesses. She said it’s not all marketing and somehow it’s true so it’s okay to protect the eyes. I immediately felt I needed to do what I parents do and protect at all costs and looked for glasses for our kids.

I just wanted to make sure my kids and the whole family are protected all the time. So I wanted a legitimate product to do that job for us. I searched and checked online shops and there were a lot of glasses offered but not as much choices for kids. I saw nice stuff from Amazon, Barner, Pixel Eyewear, and locally there were from Lazada, Shopee, and also from Sunnies Specs Kids

I decided to ask a mom group I’m part of and I got a private message from one of the moms who ordered glasses for her kids too. She gave me a name and number of the person she ordered from. I checked it out and I saw the glasses’ designs were nice, not common, and I haven’t seen anything online like those. Got it for a good price too. Some businesses sell them at a very high price and I’m not ready to spend a lot since the kids might break them by accident while playing at their age.

So happy with the glasses I got for the kids. It’s nice to have rubber nose pads too so it will help hold the glasses in place. Although it didn’t come with a case, it’s good that we have extra eyeglass cases at home.

Also, here are some tips for those with small kids.

  1. At first, small kids will find it hard to wear the eyeglasses, teach them first why they need glasses when using gadgets.
  2. Be consistent and remind your child to keep wearing it every time they will watch tv, use a mobile phone or tablet, do their online classes, or play video games.
  3. Wear glasses together to make it a fun thing
  4. If you wear your glasses and show it’s fun, your child will like to wear it too
  5. Don’t get mad or scold when he or she removes it

Some experts say these totally don’t work. It may not be as be as effective as what’s advertised but if it works for you and your kids, why not? Screen moderation is key of course but if you don’t get them one, you’re not a bad parent at all, don’t worry.

It’s like saying this kind of hairstyle will make you handsome or pretty, some will say it didn’t work but if gives you happiness and confidence, why not wear it around right?

If you have time, read more anout it here-

Hope you find that right glasses for you and the whole family especially now that the world will be staying at home more and we’ll all be connected online in front of our phones and gadgets. Don’t worry about being called names like nerd, geek, genius, and others. Glasses are now in and are part of this so called – New Normal. Stay safe guys!

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