10 Ideas on How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus Pandemic

Another meaningful family celebration is coming up – Father’s Day! This year, Father’s Day is on June 21 and being another event we will be celebrating with the coronavirus around, we have to be creative to make it memorable. With the virus around, we cannot celebrate how we want to celebrate it like before – dine in restaurants, shop for gifts, or hang out around the malls or coffee shops. We are left to plan around what we can only do while abiding the laws and carefully protecting our family. It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate but the beauty of a simple celebration is what will make the occasion magnificent.

Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate this day for special Dads if you are staying with him now. It’s good if you can combine of the ideas here too.

Cook Dad’s favorite food – For sure Dad has his favorite home-cooked meals that you don’t eat often. Choose his top 2 or 3 and prepare for it and cook them. Serve them in a special way for this special day.

Breakfast in Bed – Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed right? Prepare Dad’s favorite breakfast and probably add a coupon on his favorite thing to do like “Play one hour of video games, uninterrupted” or “Watch your favorite movie, uninterrupted”, or “Massage treat from everyone”. Here are some simple ideas you can do for a simple breakfast in bed.

Fix some simple decorations for the occasion – There are numerous party supplies companies selling online now like from Elves of the Party or do some DIY decors for Dad from whatever is available from your arts and crafts supplies at home. Here are some samples.

Order Dad’s favorite food – Maybe Dad’s favorite food from his favorite restaurant is now available or open. Surprise him by ordering a dish or two of his favorites. Look at your

Give him a card – For a change, give him a DIY card. Cards have lost appliance for many years in many celebrations but there’s pure happiness when classics appear and are given sincerely. Tell him your deepest thoughts and thank him sincerely for everything. Card ideas here.

Watch-Dad’s-Movie-Day – Don’t forget to prepare the snack bar. Let Dad choose the movie and watch it with him if you haven’t watched the movie or even if you watched it already too. Movie bonding is such a happy, bonding experience.

Surprise Dad with his favorite drink – It may be beer, wine, whisky, vodka, soda, fruit juice, or coffee but whatever it is, drink it with Dad.

Game Night – Organize a fun game or several games for the family. Charades or Pictionary or whatever the family will enjoy.

Make a shirt slideshow or video for Dad – Gather memorable pictures or videos from the past and have fun reminiscing them together. Make a nice touching video or slideshow for Dad and this in itself is another memory you made.

Give Dad a useful and memorable gift – With online shopping available now, you may give him gifts from what are available online. There are a lot of things you can choose from that fits your budget.

If you’re not with Dad physically, you may still be creative by calling them or doing a video call. You may also send gifts or their favorite food. Anything is possible with technology and online shopping and courier services available.

May you have a fun and memorable Father’s Day with the family! Don’t forget to document the memories okay?

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