Parties and Piñatas!!

Parties with pinatas are so much fun right? It makes parties so fun and so memorable! It was our son’s birthday last June 5 and before that day, I was thinking how to make it memorable aside from having good food. Birthdays during coronavirus quarantine season and in this pandemic time is memorable in itself. But to add to it, good food and other fun elements can be incorporated. It’s a matter of creativity and ability to look for suppliers.

A little bit of History: The Mexican Catholic interpretation of the piñata rested on the struggle of man against temptation. The seven points represent the seven deadly sins. The pot represents evil and the seasonal fruit and candy inside the temptations of evil. The person with the stick is blindfolded to represent faith.

I found Piñatas by Pñatas Party Needs online and when I asked about their products and other details, they were quick to reply and everything was finalized in less than 20 minutes. I like their designs and I found out they customize too. They have two options on the types of piñata- wack it or pull string types. All their piñatas are handmade or came their good partner suppliers and they ensure that they are safe and securely-packed.

It’s really hard to hit nice piñatas like these right? But it’s wack it piñatas are fun too, we’ll try that next time.

The transaction was so smooth and everything was ready on time. Set aside a budget for the courier service who will pick up and deliver the piñata to you. Make sure the rider knows that what he’s picking up is a pinatas and the size. Motorcycle riders find it hard to carry bulky pinatas so best to inform them how big and how they are.

The piñatas they make are really beautifully handcrafted that when they delivered it, our neighbors in the community who saw it thought it was a toy car gift for our little boy. It looked so real! Here’s our piñata.

Don’t forget to order earlier than 7 days to avoid the rush fee. I also ordered confetti with the piñata. We bought fillers like candies and chocolates too. There are options for the fillers too from them and they have a guide on how many small toys can fit your piñata. There is an instruction guide also on how to use it and it’s attached to the piñata when you get it.

Piñatas are not just for kids but also for the kids at heart who wants to enjoy and be creative on celebrations. This can be done indoors too not just outdoors just like we play the old version of this – hit the pot (palayok). Enjoy and make things memorable with simple fun activities like hitting a piñata!

For product inquiry, call/text/chat. They are also open for retail and wholesale.
Mobile number: 09560724656
Instagram: Click here Facebook: Click here

“Sometimes this life will treat you like a piñata. But even as you are taking the beating, remember that something good will eventually come out of it.”

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