Valentine’s Day 2017: Where to eat or stay in Metro Manila (updated as of Feb 7)

*** Feel free to come back for an updated list and details*** It’s the love month again and I’m sure everyone’s planning what to do with your partner, where to stay or dine with your family and friends because I’m doing the same thing. Looks like our family’s has a good staycation plan already and it’s my turn to fix valentine’s this year (yup, we … Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2017: Where to eat or stay in Metro Manila (updated as of Feb 7)

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

January went by so fast! You think so too? 2 days to go for the love month! I just love countdowns. They give us reason to look forward, make our days count in anticipation for events and milestones in our lives. Valentine’s is around the corner. Some hate it, some love it, some save up for it, some look forward to it, so dread it, some … Continue reading Valentine’s Day gift ideas

On Budgeting: Save, Spend, Share, Splurge

Most of us keep a monthly budget for our expenses. Well, unless you’re born financially blessed enough that you don’t need to monitor your cashflow. We all have different ways to keep track of our expenses and unwittingly, we go overboard most of the time. It’s also important to know if we’re allotting the right amount to fit our income and lifestyle. Of course it … Continue reading On Budgeting: Save, Spend, Share, Splurge

For all the baller Dads & Moms: GLOBAL HOOPS 2016 for a Good Cause

Hey baller Moms and Dads! Take a little parenting break and have a unique kind of date perhaps? Or maybe Dad and friends would like to enjoy a basketball night live! Or Mom would like to watch a game live and have coffee or tea with her friends after? I remembered how we watch and enjoy basketball together as a couple. We attended so many … Continue reading For all the baller Dads & Moms: GLOBAL HOOPS 2016 for a Good Cause

A Simple Reflection on Dad’s Day

My husband and I have been together for 14 years and during those years he was and still is my best friend and partner in everything. We had so much adventures together through thick and thin. We had so much happy days and we had arguments many times too (just like all other couples and friends) but somehow we find a way to get through … Continue reading A Simple Reflection on Dad’s Day

Our “Aruga” Experience

We celebrated in advance our 4th wedding anniversary as a family 🙂 Aruga is a Filipino word meaning tender care or nurture. Aruga is the first venture of Rockwell Land into serviced apartment business. True to its name, you will feel the warm welcome from everyone as soon as you enter the building (located inside Rockwell Center in Makati beside in Edades Tower and Garden Villas, just beside the … Continue reading Our “Aruga” Experience

The Waiting Game: Baby #2

We’re ready to POP! And the walking begins for me 🙂 We’re officially waiting to meet our boy. It may take days or still 2- 3 weeks though but we’re full term already! Thank you Lord and everyone who helped me go through this pregnancy. It was relatively not a sensitive pregnancy- I never vomitted, I had no nanny for my first born for the … Continue reading The Waiting Game: Baby #2

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! (A Mom’s Day reflection)

I still remember clearly the first time we knew the presence of life in my tummy after that first pregnancy test back in June 2014 at 5 am in the morning. I stared at the wall for 2 minutes thinking if the pregnancy test was reliable. But my joy was beyond anything I’ve imagined. We waited for our first little angel for 2 years to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day Moms! (A Mom’s Day reflection)

Making Memories: The Dine Out List

Here’s something you can do if you want to document some memories as a couple or a family. I have a knack for documenting memories with friends and family- I keep all  notes and letters, have pictures printed and placed in albums and photo books. For the past years, I have also been listing all the restaurants, homes, and other places where we’ve eaten as … Continue reading Making Memories: The Dine Out List

2016 Hearty Breakfast at Wildflour

We’d like to believe that we’re a couple with the right “cheesiness” in social media. The extra sweet stuff are of course just between us as a couple. That’s normally how life was before the proliferation of social media. I hope not many people in today’s society fall into the trap of posing for a wonderful happy life just in social media. Let’s make everything … Continue reading 2016 Hearty Breakfast at Wildflour

Home’s True Meaning

I read a booklet in one sitting one quiet afternoon in silence with God through a retreat. This booklet, entitled  THE TRUE MEANING OF A HOME, is short yet one wonderful book for families in this modern age. Parents today are so influenced by so many factors around them, that they are having a hard time keeping everything in order in the home. This doesn’t … Continue reading Home’s True Meaning