Some “Firsts” parents should enjoy with their children

Parenting is a gift and a challenge so each parent should ideally take it upon himself / herself to be there for their children. Realistically, it can’t be done everyday physically but there are many ways to be present (with a little more effort).

It is important for moms and dads to support each other in these challenging times (parenthood). A strong and meaningful union can make parenting easy and fun. There are no prefect couples and perfect families but there are loving and happy ones and so let’s strive to be that familya happy, supportive, and united one in everything they do and are bounded in love.

No parent is perfect too but there perfect decisions for certain moments in parenting and many decisions you will be making includes being there for your son and/or daughter when certain milestone days and moments come. There are some you cannot control like when the first words will be or the first steps. But there are some you can like first school activities, first day in school, first experiences, and many others.

I wish I could say we were both present in all these milestones I’ll be sharing but unfortunately I can’t. For all parents, try to do these and be present as a couples. Parenting will be so fun and a wonderful bonding experience too. Don’t ever think it is a burden or extra work because it isn’t. Treasure every adventure because you cannot turn back time and say “again”.

Here’s my list of wonderful firsts:

1. First Doctor’s check up
2. First morning sun exposure
3. First bath
4. First day at home
5. First month
6. First play date / play group / play school
7. First solid food
8. First vaccine
9. First steps
10. First words
11. First mall time
12. First playground time
13. First restaurant meal
14. Baptism (for Catholics)
15. Half a year birthday! Well, every month is important too!
16. First birthday
17. First time to swim
18. School activities
19. First cinema movie
20. First theme park
21. First out of town / country travel

There are so much more you can add too. Due to some decisions we made, a lot of it we didn’t get to enjoy as a couple. There are also dads or moms that have other commitments as a reason for their absence. Blessed are those who can enjoy these together. Moms and dads, make time and enjoy these precious moments. Sometimes it also depends on what the priorities are in the family. Gather wonderful stories to tell your children everyday. I keeo wanting to make a diary of daily small events with my kids but having 2 small kids is such a handful but then they make your heart so full.

In this modern and fast-paced world, it is important for the family to know what the priorities should be and parents should also live up to it. Adults must teach by example and be consistent. Mom and Dad, talk to each other and make a beautiful family together. Enjoy not just the firsts, but savoring simple things everday can just take your breath away!

Some firsts and treasured moments we’ve captured for the month of June 2017.

Remember also that as parents, we are laying the foundation for the future families of our own children too.


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