That HIGH GROUNDS feeling!

If you have been following my Instagram account, you probably know I’m a confessed coffee lover since I was in college (I think even in high school). The love for coffee sometimes is too much that sometimes I’m consciously trying to discipline myself too when it comes to my coffee intake. Also, I try not to forget drink a lot of water throughout the day. My personal rule is that one cup of coffee means I need to drink 2 cups of water at the very least.

As a coffee lover, I’m always on the lookout where I could stay for a good coffee. Most of the time coffee shops are full and I find it so hard now to find a good place to stay just to be alone and hang around.  In today’s world a place with a really good internet connection is a plus factor too!

Since we moved to our new home, we’ve been enjoying the new and many places to visit around the city and nearby cities. We haven’t seen a lot of unique places yet but there are a handful that are worth sharing. My “me times” are spent exploring places around the new place. It’s nothing but great too in this side of the city. Soon I won’t be new here and will get used to everything around.

You know what are my criteria for a good coffee place? Here they are:

  • good quality coffee
  • good food
  • friendly and efficient staff
  • spacious and not crowded or noisy (I know this is hard to achieve)
  • ideally, there’s there’s fast and quality Wi-Fi that’s free
  • ambiance is relaxing
  • where I can sit or stay long
  • easy to park

I was indeed amazed how these criteria were all met by HIGH GROUNDS! Yes, me and sister month’s back found this wonderful place that’s one of a kind and the best of its kind!

Their hot and cold coffee are good! There are several choices you can choose from and you can tell they’re experts when it comes to their coffee. If you’re lucky, you get your hot coffee with a cute or meaningful coffee art.

Good food are served in their dining area which opens at 10am until 12:30am. You can bring the whole family to this spacious dining gaming cafe place and enjoy their delicious and reasonably-priced food.

Friendly and very efficient staff are some important things restaurant or cafe needs. Staff are always ready to help. High Grounds have well-trained and alert employees to assist you when you need help. If you frequent this place you’ll see and meet their dedicated staff and family who runs the place. They personally make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the place.

Spacious is a good description for High Grounds. This big dining and gaming cafe is way bigger than regular coffee shops, restaurants, so the place is not cramped or somewhat tight even with a lot of customers. It’s a two-story place. They have an outdoor area where customers can enjoy too. If you plan to bring kids or babies, this is a good place to hang around. Just always be cautious and avoid very loud noises since a lot of people dining are serious in their gaming activities or study time.

You can get a free Wi-Fi when you order Php200 worth of food and drinks! Yes it’s really free and it’s free 2-hours of quality internet connection. The staff and their employes will assist you and give you the login details. And when I say fast connection, they have it here. They have superior desktops and gaming computers too called Predators. Okay, I’m not a gamer but they say it’s like the best.

Also, did I mention that High Grounds is a TNC cafe. For those who don’t know TNC is <insert details>.

Ambiance definitely matters when we visit places with the kids or when I want to relax and sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. I love the look and feel of their cafe area and the ambiance of their gaming rooms.

Staying for hours and hours is never an issue at this place. Of course order your favorites and you’ll feel like this is your second home. To be honest, it’s not noisy here like in other famous coffee shops. We’ve been going here so much and we love it!

Parking is one major factor to consider for those who bring cars around. There’s a lot for all High Grounds customers’ parking in front. Is it safe? yes of course! They have helpful attendants who guard and make sure the area is safe. Only customers park there and it’s free! You don’t need to worry about your car while you enjoy the place.

Here’s a preview of the big cafe.


It’s not your usual small internet cafe. It raises the bar for gaming cafes. The best thing, High Grounds is open 24 hours! So if you’re looking for a place to eat or have a good cup of coffee in the middle of the night, High Grounds is the place to be!

I see more and more people now visiting High Grounds regularly from families, business people, friends, gamers, and even lovers.

When you visit, you’ll most probably see one of the owners’ family. High Ground is a perfect example of how a family’s passion and business ideals Come to life.

Visit now and experience that High Grounds feeling! They’re located at Scput Rallos St. Quezon City. Waze it too so it’s easier.


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