Unforgettable Simple Things

When something really big (positive or negative) happens to your life, it is but natural for someone to be a better person and become a softie just like when you become a parent.

I just can’t help share about some simple things our children are doing and saying. Our little girl (at 2 years old) is at curious, learning, and fast development stage. She is now aware of the world and everyone. She is a little recorder who repeats we say in funny ways. She makes more sense than some adults too! Kids are so honest that her statements make me laugh so hard sometimes. I know all parents went through this phase and this is just normal for everyone but really, to the parents, this is really a big deal.

I want to document each minute of everyday with the kids but of course it would entail gigabytes of memory for our devices. But instead of documenting, I am enjoying all the minutes I spend with the kids. Our little boy, Matteo, is starting to walk (his weight is preventing him from balancing well but he’ll get there) and enjoy the company of his sister. Our little girl, Chesca, is starting school soon and everyday tries to talk and converse with her brother. They have this thing now- Chesca just wants to drink her milk at the same time with her brother and she says “together!”. Each simple moment of drinking milk side by side is so touching for us. We can’t seem to get enough of it. They hold hands sometimes or sometimes hug each other while drinking their milks. Ugh, these kids make me cry.. such simple moments but occupies a big place in my heart and memory.


Tonight I tucked Chesca to bed. She is really a sweet sweet girl who gives random hugs and kisses but then tonight is just another sweet sweet gesture she did to me before she slept and this just happened:

Me: Okay, time to go to bed Chesca!

Chesca: Peppa ! Peppa! (means she want to watch her usual peppa show before she sleeps)

Me: Let’s just sing Beauty and the Beast

***Just a background: we have this Beauty and the Beast fever now with Chesca. She recently saw the music video of the recent Beauty and the Beast movie and loved it so much and plus she has a book of it too that she recently just appreciated more. I even dance with her and try to waltz through our living room while the song is playing

Chesca: Story Mum! (yes, the accent because of watching Peppa Pig)

***Lights off***

Me: Okay, I will tell you the Beauty and the Beast story. Once upon a time… (We were lying side by side and she was drinking her milk. I told the story in my own words which I knew she will understand. No baby talk so she will develop her communication skills well).

Chesca: (buts in after 5 minutes to the story) Mum, no more… no more! (Now I get it, she meant stop the story)

Me: Oh okay, no more story. Then sleep now okay? Good night Chesca, I love you.

Chesca: Okay Mommy, good night. Muah! (kissed me on the lips)

I did not spoke after this and just pretended to sleep. It was dark, no lamp on. Chesca then hugged me. She prefers to be hugged to sleep. She leaned over to my face and kissed me 10 times. I really counted it!  Then she said, 

Chesca: Good night Mummy!

Me: *moaned* since I was pretending to sleep 

She kept hugging me and touching my tummy (she has this fascination with tummies for comfort). Then she touched my face and eyes and nose. Then said..

Chesca: My mommy… (instantly my heart melted…)

Then she slept

This is one of the many sweet things she does. But also, this sweet girl has her naughty side everyday. She is a very active toddler who just sits to eat and when it’s time to nap and sleep at night. All the other times she jumps, climbs, runs, do fake falls, bother her brother, spills stuff, and recently learned to make some extra dramas. She is just happy and active all day long. Of course there’s tantrums too on some unlucky days.

As for our little boy Matteo, he keeps hugging me whenever I carry him. He’s at the stage where he just wants his mommy and gets noisy and rowdy with mommy around. Why are kids mostly like that! Oh well, it’s all part of this wonderful journey. I can’t wait to share what our little boy will be saying too in a few months.

Chesca has been saying these funny things too:

  • After she pooped: “Mommy, poop. Big poop. Yucky”
  • One time she got surprised when her Daddy opened her room’s door: “It’s my Daddy!”
  • She was playing with her cooking set and it was incomplete: “oh no, I forgot..” talking to herself as she searched for other toys “there you are! I forgot”

There’s a lot more that I think I should be documenting it too. I will make them read what I wrote when they’re older and we will be laughing together as we tell them funny stories about their toddlerhood. I just love their stage now- so innocent, so curious, so funny (in their own ways), so sweet, so dependent yet trying to be independent, and so honest!

I have so many unforgettable aimple things and moments lately- a simple me time for coffee, bonding with special people, simple nice emails from people I don’t know, a simple project done, ticking off somethings in my to do list that have been there for almost 6 months. We make our own precious moments so make everyday and every moment count. 

As I read the news today, reality is that there are so many negative things happening to the world. But if we surround ourselves with the positive ones to inspire and motivate us, life is a whole lots better and indeed happier. We cannot escape the negative things in life, we must learn to win over them.


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