A Simple Reflection on Dad’s Day

My husband and I have been together for 14 years and during those years he was and still is my best friend and partner in everything. We had so much adventures together through thick and thin. We had so much happy days and we had arguments many times too (just like all other couples and friends) but somehow we find a way to get through and solve things. We saw each other grow out of our immaturities and became better individuals. We saw how each other evolved from our younger days to working days up to becoming parents.

I can say that men are totally clueless how it is to be a first time father in the beginning just like mothers. And like mothers, a father’s life changes as well after their baby is born. But becoming a father I think is also as challenging as becoming a mom.

Women get to be transformed by the pain, physical and emotional things that she endured. Life changes sometimes (or for most people) automatically follow because of everything that happened during pregnancy, childbirth, and child care. But for fathers, it takes a different level of maturity and to grasp what mothers have gone through, give so much care and help for his wife and kids.

Some men tend to escape reality and go on with their usual lives back when they didn’t have kids. It takes a real man to be a responsible, supportive, and loving father and husband at the same time. It takes sacrifice and great love.

For everything we’ve gone through the past 2 years- having 2 kids in 2 years, we can say we gotta good teamwork rolling. Maybe God said “one kid is too easy for you guys and you’re doing an awesome job as parents so let me give you another angel”.. And so He did and our lives changed again for the better! 🙂

Our Father’s Day dinner with the whole family! Our girl’s 1 year 3 months and our boy’s almost 2 weeks old

I thank God for my husband everyday who is there for us when we need him and getting some mom roles too everyday and working hard for us. I know how corporate life can be so stressful and how it can drain your day’s energy so taking more work in child care is also not an easy task but nothing is really so hard when it comes to your kids really. Despite everything, we are both hands on parents just the way we imagined it before.

our Father’s day fondant pound cakes for Dada! Cakes by Sugar Corner

These past few months, I have new kind of appreciation for single moms too. Being a mom and father at the same time is and will never be easy but will forever be the best roles one can take in life.

No enough words words for my Papa too. He is the greatest too as I say it every year! He taught me so much through example and he still is teaching me a lot until today. I would love my kids to experience being with him and knowing him too as they both grow up. He was our all around man – our carpenter, our cook (when needed), our driver to and from places, our bodyguard, our savior in all things big and small, our joker, our go-to creative guy, our “Google” for anything about the house, our sweet-but-not-obvious loving father!

My Papa with his 2 grandchildren 🙂

We have my father-in-law in heaven watching over us everyday. He met our little Chesca who got his eyes and met our boy Matt just in my tummy. He’s pain free and happy now in heaven. We love you Daddy Jun!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and other types of Dads there thereis including the single moms who take the role of dads too! 🙂 You all rock!

Collage 2016-04-08 06_09_24-1

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