It’s happening! 5th Momzilla Fair & Cordlife

Life is short so secure your family in ways you can. And yes, it’s true! Cord life banking can save you and your family in ways not even I have imagined possible.

I did not understand cord life banking and stem cells during my first pregnancy and I’m glad I did already and I can now explain it in the simplest way I can.

What is cord blood banking? 

Aside from the details I shared before on this (click here) and more here, I can explain that cord blood banking is basically the collection of the remaining cord blood from the placenta and umbilical cord connected to the newborn baby upon childbirth. The cord blood collected contains possible lifesaving cells known as stem cells. It can possibly cure many forms of disorders like forms of leukemia, lymphoma, and anemia. 

But I suggest an expert can really explain this further and in more details. It’s actually AMAZING!

Why I appreciate cord blood banking more? 

I didn’t really know this at first but this one’s one of the things I like about cord blood banking:

The cord blood / stem cells stored may also be used (in case of emergency) by your relatives (if compatible) in the event that they suffer from any disorder that can possibly cured or treated with stem cells from the cord blood collected.

I know… it can get confusing sometimes with all the medical and scientific terms right? So there’s a chance for moms and expectant moms out there to know more about cord blood banking (also called stem cell banking) and it can be explained to your by the experts and doctors too.

Here’s a tip though. Here’s a guide of what I asked before when I didn’t know anything about it. You may use this as your guide when you visit the Cordlife booth 2 & 3 on June 3-4, 2017 (10am-8pm) for the 5th Momzilla fair at the 4th floor of the Century City Mall, Makati City:

  1. What is cord blood banking and how does it work?
  2. Is it similar to blood donation?
  3. How do you get it from me?
  4. Where do you keep it?
  5. Can I get it anytime and how?
  6. How much is it? and what are the plan options?
  7. Why should we get it for the family?
  8. How will I know my newborn is not sick of anything?

Well, for #8 I’m sharing the answer here but best to let the experts on June 3 explain it well too.

For all expectant moms, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! Pre-register NOW here get a chance to win a lot of useful and wonderful products like the Aprica carrier, Avent breast pump, Fisher Price high chair, and many more. Cordlife is giving away up to 16k worth of prizes and many more surprises during the event! There will be mini raffles after each talk on both days (June 3 and 4)!


Make every single day of Motherhood precious, special, and memorable for you, your child, and the entire family from conception onwards.

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