Did you know that the Umbilical Cord’s blood can save a life?

We all know that the umbilical cord is the cord that connects the baby and the mother for nourishment. The umbilical cord is comprised of arteries, and a vein under a gelatinous substance called the Wharton’s jelly. It provides everything that the baby (while inside the womb) needs for survival.

Photo by: DoveMed

Cord blood is usually collected because it contains stem cells that can possibly treat and cure disorders. It contain stem cells the can grow blood vessels, tissues, and organs. Also, according to National Cord Blood Program (by New York’s Blood Centre) a cord blood bank facility:

Cord blood contains all the normal elements of blood – red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. But it is also rich in hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, similar to those found in bone marrow. This is why cord blood can be used for transplantation as an alternative to bone marrow.

Cord blood is being used increasingly on an experimental basis as a source of stem cells, as an alternative to bone marrow. Most cord blood transGnts have been performed in patients with blood and immune system diseases.

Cord blood will be collected after birth of the child and should be stored properly for future use. The crucial part is who to trust to collect and store the cord blood. The company who stores these are private cord blood banks, should be government approved too. For us, it is important that the company has a facility in the country to lessen the risk of mishandling or accidents when they transport the cord blood from the hospital to their facility.

Not all doctors (Obgyne for this matter) may get the cord blood. The doctors who collect underwent training and extensive discussions about cord blood banking. Doctors who support this know what to do so usually private companies make it hassle-free for both the doctors and the moms. Lucky our doctor was one of the top doctors with the most number of patients who had their cord blood stored through a private cord blood company called Cordlife.

How do they collect the cord blood?

They simply extract blood (doctors will do this in the hospital) from the umbilical cord right after the mom gives birth. They can also store the umbilical cord lining too. There will be a kit given to the moms before they give birth. The box will then be given to the hospital and usually, the hospital knows how to handle cord blood banking requirements. The box / kit contains all hotline numbers you’ll need to call for the pick up of the cord blood.

As parents, our priority is to keep our family safe and healthy. Because of this, the decision to trust Cordlife was easy. Now, we have peace of mind and knowing we did what we can to keep everything ready to battle diseases.


As for our experience, it was indeed hassle-free and I can say I felt more secured when I gave birth the second time knowing that Cordlife stored my cord blood for health emergency purposes (even for our relatives if needed). My cord blood and the lining were tested and results came back a month after that they successfully stored everything in their facility.

Pregnant? or do you know someone who is? And you want more details? Let me know so Cordlife can explain it better too. I  can only explain so much and of course, nothing will beat the explanation of Cordlife’s certified experts when it comes to these things. Contact CORDLIFE today here.

Why deny your family the chance to provide a ray of hope and security when Cordblood can do these for you too.



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