All About Pregnancy

Being pregnant and being able to carry life for 9 months in a woman’s womb is a wonderful miracle and blessing that chosen women have to go through. It’s magical and a very challenging journey for some. The experience is never exactly the same for every woman. They may be similar but all pregnancies like all human being are unique.

I feel so giddy whenever I hear pregnancy news and we just got one preggy news yesterday (not me). Pregnancy announcement is a celebration of new life and a wonderful journey for the couple and their families. Indeed God moves in mysterious loving ways. I’ve gone through 2 pregnancies in 2 years and  I feel such an expert now (although I believe all women are all expert in motherhood in their own unique ways). I can also relate how challenging it is to be pregnant. Luckily, my 2 pregnancies were very similar and the second one just felt more challenging since I was taking care of a 6-month old baby while pregnant. My pregnancies were relatively easy and healthy all th way thrpigh the 9 months of carrying our babies in my womb. Life got more exciting and God gave me the best challenge in my life. Being hands on with everything when it comes to the kids- from bath times, to meal times, to play times, to learning, and everything else- it was tough I must admit and up to this day it still is. Everyday brings so much excitement and no days are ever the same and no schedules and routines are identical too. But the simple rewards are priceless. Some may say that motherhood is not as relaxing and glamorous as some portray it. Of course it’s not. It the most physically and emotionally challenging one too.

Here’s sharing some pregnancy information that I have been checking myself before. These may help pregnant women and all those people with pregnant wife, friend, or family. These will aid make pregnancy smoother. Somehow knowing what may come next in the journey will help make things lighter for everyone. Again, pregnancies may not be as what everyone expected most of the time. The articles and books may be right or wrong. There’s is no right or wrong pregnancy and each one is uniquely blessed of the gift of life and love.

Stay informed and share this with others too.

water-during-pregnancy-infographic500x3961xpregnancy-and-fitness-infographic.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gLrQQu6p1W276342c72b60ab571daa1d4012492430-1Early-Symptoms-of-Pregnancy-infographicwhat-to-eat-while-pregnant_5723c9b97f048_w1500Vomiting-During-PregnancyVomiting-During-Pregnancy-6Handle it like a Boss! Your Third Trimester Checklist. What you9b61c3ec3d547ecba344511e6540a92cVomiting-During-Pregnancy-3ac6b61d888daba747d8b777c349925a0Vomiting-During-Pregnancy-2e2152fde483ca227abaf5ca31f9e94b0precision_nutrition_how_to_exercise_while_pregnant_postPregnancySymptomsV.4.HCHW_.PersonalCare41a545a055e6eef6d5179a3dad0bbcf0Exercise-During-Pregnancy-Infographichow-to-care-for-your-teeth-when-pregnant_51ed52656b8e7_w58723-Early-Signs-of-Pregnancy-InfographicAll-About-Pregnancy-and-Weight-Gain-INFO2foods-to-avoid-during-pregnancy_5231afd155b11_w150052005de45cccef96c19448477b2a591430c3d329d5bdb944281efab61f670dafHow-big-is-my-baby-infographic7fc091d89af0f0aedb0a2a7b7a53fd27


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