Our Family & Cord Blood Banking

A lot are asking about what cord blood banking is. Others think it’s like Red Cross blood bank where you donate blood and others will benefit from it or you will get paid for the blood contribution but it’s not. While others mistake cord blood banking for the use of the placenta to boost breast milk supply as placenta pills or as an ingredient in makeup to attain smooth skin (some think it’s one and the same thing). Placenta and umbilical cord are not the same. I also didn’t know what cord blood banking was a year ago.

To understand it, we have to know what and where cord blood comes from. Cord blood is the blood that comes from the baby umbilical cord (the cord that connects mom and the baby for food and nourishment). It contains stem cells that can grow tissues, organs, and blood vessels. Cord blood stem cells are not undergoing a lot of study and years of observation and testing to aid ease or eventually cure autism, injury, and other conditions. Stem cells are said to have cured a lot of diseases through the years. More on stem cells in the infographics below.


So now that you know what cord blood and stem cells are, let’s clarify what cord blood banking is. It is when the blood the umbilical cord of a new baby is taken and stored safely for future use to possible cure several diseases and conditions. Who stores the blood for future use to cure family conditions/ diseases? In the Philippines, only 2 companies offer this. CORDLIFE (Singapore-based company) is one of them and we entrusted our baby’s umbilical cord blood to them. It really makes more sense to choose them since they have their facility and laboratory in the Philippines.

I remembered how it was picked up too from our room at the hospital right after I gave birth. It was collected along with the urine for the metascreen test of our baby. Take note, even cord lining from the umbilical cord may also be collected and preserved by CORDLIFE since they contain special stem cells too.

This is how cord blood is collected when a mom gives birth.

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Here are the top reasons why it’s best to trust CORDLIFE for your family. There are so many scientific terms but it’s best to leave it up to Cordlife to explain them. But basically, with our decision to trust them, we are securing our baby and the whole family’s health and we’re giving new discoveries a chance to give our family peace of mind. We saw great potential for this scientific breakthrough.

The friendly and very accommodating people from Cordlife made us feel welcome and excited to be part of the Cordlife family. Singing up was easy since I was due already when we signed all the documents we needed to. As one of the brand ambassador of Cordlife, our family is so happy share what we know about cord blood banking. The Filipinos need more awareness and information about it. Cordlife will basically help families store the cord blood and cord lining for many years so that when the family needs it (of course this is something we don’t want to happen) because of illnesses and diseases that can be cured (hopefully), families can get those blood and lining for stem cell therapy use.

Don’t worry if you didn’t a chance to get the cord blood from your first or 2nd child, you can still get from the next pregnancy since the stem cell has a bigger chance to match with the whole immediate family. It can even match up your extended family.

You can know more about the company, stem cells, blood banking, and other promos and details on cord blood banking on their website.

We didn’t think twice. We’re happy we did it for our family 😊



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