Other Uses of Lipsticks

Lipsticks were used way back during the time of Cleopatra or even before that. Painting or coloring the lips were said to distinguish one person from another and for glamor. To produce lipsticks, fruits, plants, and stones were used for the color and shimmer. Some even crushed insects and bugs to create the color they wanted. But the first metal cased lipstick which can easily be carried in your bag or purse first came out in 1915 by Maurice Levy. Then by 1923, brands like Chanel, Max Factor, and others started to commercially sell lipsticks.


Per decade, different shades of lipstick color were worn by women:

  • 1920s: dark, deep red almost black lipstick
  • 1930s: deep rose color
  • 1940s: red lipstick
  • 1950s: bright pink shades
  • 1960s: matte and pastel shades
  • 1970s: shiny, sticky lipgloss for the disco era
  • 1980s: bold, neon colors, fuchsia colors
  • 1990s: matte browns and nudes
  • 2000s: shimmery nude gloss
  • now: matte, red lipsticks, and brights
source: Stylist.co.uk

(goes to show our fashion and some trends just go back in time with a twist)

Today, lipsticks come in many brands, shades, and packaging. It’s just up to you to chose. There are also organic ones. I just realized that lipsticks are not just for glamor. I’ve started having my own coloured gloss in the 90s maybe when I was in high school. It started with Lip Smacker’s wonderful and colourful flavors when I was in elementary. Now, I have a good number of lipstick- not too much, not too little.

Know what else you can use your lipsticks for. For sure you have a few or a lot of lipstick you don’t want anymore or some leftovers.

  1. Blush. Put a short line or 2 on your moisturized upper cheeks then spread with sponge or you fingers. That’s what I did today.
  2. Eyeshadow. Since there are cream eyeshadows in the market, you can definitely use your lipstick too.
  3. As a marker or pen. For example, you’re in a party. You can put a little line, dot, or your name on your cup or glass to remember which one is yours. Or you can use it for messages you want to say on a mirror. It really looks so cute too! You may use as a crayon when you make DIY posters on carolinas or manila papers. In case you get lost in the wild, you may use it as a marker to know where you pass so you can go back (seriously, this may happen especially when you go mountain climbing). So it pays to bring a lipstick everywhere and anywhere.
  4. Face paint. You may use this especially during halloween even for kids. Make sure you use an organic or lipstick with safe ingredients that will not cause allergies to others or to yourself.
  5. Eyeliner. You may use the dark or brownish shades for this.
  6. New lip color. So here’s what you can do if you’re tired of your lipstick and want a new shade. Mix 2 lipstick by and heat them in a pan or in a microwave then mix together. Leave in the refrigerator to make it solid.
  7. Lip gloss tint. Add a little to a portion of petroleum jelly and heat to mix either in a small pan or microwave. Put it in a container and put them inside the refrigerator to cool down.
  8. Concealer. Yes, control how much you put but it can cover the dark circles mournd your eye when you mix lipstick with your regular concealer or powder. It helps give a blushy glow too. Use orangey shade lipstick for this.
  9. For Contouring. If you can use it as blush, eyeshadow, concealer, of course you can use lipstick to contour too. Just know your right angles to properly contour and fix shading accordingly.


Sometimes, we just have to be creative. So for the women out there who want to keep their bags small and light. You can actually just bring a face powder and a lipstick or 2 but still have that full makeup look!

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”


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