Shots before the big day

Prenup shoots seem to be part of weddings these days. But for us, that was in the last of our priority list. We didn’t even want to pay for it. Like us our photographer friends were so excited for the wedding too that they were willing to do a prenup shoot for free!

We’re not lavish people anyway and we just wanted to put so much meaning to the prenup shoot. We decided to have it in the place where we first met- in our University. And in the first workplace of my husband-to-be.

We just wore our usual everyday college clothes and I did my own makeup. Nothing fancy, nothing thick, nothing curly, just the simple “me” look. We asked permissions in the venues where we will shoot and they were supportive on our requests. Everything went smooth. We didn’t need any props or professional makeup and hairstyle. We didn’t want anything cheesy and no kissing in the shots. haha! Not just our personalities. We were our usual selves and trusted our photographer friends during the shoot. We enjoyed and had a great laugh in only 3-4 hours of shoot. We had a great meal after.

The shots were wonderful. Here’s some of them.


I used to watch the games of my husband-to-be’s team in the court
Hall where the school hold classes and special events


bride on a pond
classroom hallway where we usually walk
another classroom


the first room where we met almost 10 years ago
another classroom hallway

Prenup shoots or any shoot need not be expensive or time-consuming for it to be beautiful. Make it meaningful to make it memorable and the rest will follow.

Embrace simple moments for they are part of your yesterday’s big memorable and meaningful moments!


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