Home’s True Meaning

I read a booklet in one sitting one quiet afternoon in silence with God through a retreat. This booklet, entitled  THE TRUE MEANING OF A HOME, is short yet one wonderful book for families in this modern age. Parents today are so influenced by so many factors around them, that they are having a hard time keeping everything in order in the home. This doesn’t mean we have to be old school. Parents should be creative and fun during these modern times too.


This book tackled so much about the home and family. This is best for young families but of course not limited to them.

This booklet describes the home as a school of understanding, solidarity, and something that is everyone’s concern.

It tackled interesting matters that we sometimes find so hard to ask others or discuss at home like the following:

  1. Value of money
  2. The helpful husband
  3. Busting stereotypes
  4. Order is indespensible
  5. The house assignment

The part where the husband’s and wife’s roles were discussed and how couples should understand each other in doing their roles in the family made me realize a lot about us as a couple doing our daily work. Women are not confined to doing just the house works but men also share in that role.

I like how the booklet touched on how children should be taught how to value money, generosity, and leisure time. These things we forget to teach properly especially when parents just have so much material things to give for some families and when couples are busy earning for the family.

The writer, Florinda Salinas, is married with 3 children and works as a feature writer in a magazine company in Spain. She shared her experiences through this booklet to help parents bring up a good Christian family.

One of the shortest books I’ve read yet very extensive and so much useful content especially for parents with busy schedules.

Grab one now and make it happen!

Where to get one? The booklet was printed by Sinag- Tala Publishers in the Philippines. Their books and bookslets may be purchased at a very affordable price (this one for less than P100 pesos only) from the following:

1. St Pauls Bookstore (all outlets)
2. Don Bosco Parish Bookstore, A. Arnaiz Ave.
3. Libreria San Antonio, Forbes Park
4. Sto. Domingo Religious Center, Quezon Blvd. Ext.
5. Christ the King Seminary Bookstore, A. Rodriguez Ave.
6. Daughters of St Paul Bookstore (all outlets)
7. Della Strada Parish Bookstore, La Vista Subd.,Loyola Hghts
8. UA&P Bookshop, Ortigas Center, Pasig

Family values, good works, and children’s formation always starts in the home. Make it real, make it God-centered.


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