11th Month

11 months of smiles and laughter with this baby defines happiness in a very unique way. Looking back, the months were full of adventures (regardless if we stayed home or not)  and we enjoy every single day of having a baby in the home.

Babies bring so much unexplainable joy to everyone. The pureness and the innocence are so nice to cherish. If only we could freeze time but of course, parents need to let go and let them soar on their own eventually. Good thing we have been warned how days will run fast when we have babies. We don’t have regrets on anything now and look back on happy and memorable days with our first born.

This baby has amazed us with her skills in observing and imitating people as early as 11 months. Her excitement to explore the world through walking is so lovable too. The way she imitates us when she gets the TV controls and acts as if changing the channel gives us so much giggles everyday. The way she says hi to all the people she meets and smiles at everyone and every camera that she sees her way makes us so proud and happy.

She experienced her first toddler classes too this month and she enjoyed it. No challenges on interacting with co-toddlers so far (I hope it’s a good sign of being a very good big sister. I know she will be the best big sister to our baby boy M!). More about the toddler class she’s taking in another post soon. It’s a specialized class with only 7 students that friends organized with their available resources. So worth it,  not commercialized and I’m happy to have that for Chesca instead of going the usual ones out there. The program is awesome!

Our Chesca will turn one soon and we’re planning a fun, simple, and meaningful party for her. We want her to remember not the grandiose and extravagance of events but the people we celebrated with and the fun elements of the celebration. Details, pictures, and more on her birthday celebration with family and friends in less than a month’s time in a separate post too.


Our dear baby Chesca, we are proud of your achievements and we will be here with you all the way and in everything you do. Your cheerfulness has brought immense joy and good vibes to your home and those contagious smiles and laughter just never stops. God is good and He will guide you and us in helping you as we guide you growing up.

Our months have never been so meaningful now. We enjoy the little and simple things life has to offer.

It’s going to be a fun-filled, eventful February and March months for us, make your months count too. You can’t rewind time but you make the most out of today and tomorrow!


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