The Joys of Pregnancy

There are so many things to be happy about when you’re pregnant. That moment when your pregnancy test gave you a positive result is the first among many pregnancy joys.

Women are not always and forever pregnant so for the pregnant ladies, enjoy the journey even if some things aren’t really as pleasant as they seem to be when you see and read them online, in magazines, books, and on TV.

Celebration as a Couple

Usually, the first celebration is the couple’s celebration for the gift of life they received. Usually, couples don’t announce the pregnancy after the first trimester. Well, this just to be sure that the delicate period has passed and the baby has grown a bit in the womb. Pregnant women don’t feel pregnant at this stage until they get that confirmation from the doctor herself.

This period is just so happy that it’s like having a new life as a couple again but now with new and exciting things to come and think about. So much love and happiness!

Period of Congratulations

Pregnant ladies, this is the period when you feel so so much loved by your family and friends. Well-wishers and congratulations flood your inbox and everyone you meet will be so happy for you and will most probably ask this: “What do you want, a boy or a girl?” And of course, the answer is: “Any as long as the baby’s healthy.” Cliché but parents-to-be really, really mean this!

The greetings from everyone is overwhelming and will make you feel so blessed! Really, you are.

Reaching per month and trimester milestones

Every pregnant women feels like every month/ trimester is a major milestone in the pregnancy. Safely carrying the baby inside the tummy is a big responsibility and achievement at the same time. For every check-up, hearing the baby is healthy and mommy too makes everything a happy milestone for the family.

Some even have their monthly pregnancy photos as a family or as pregnant mom to help them remember these important events. For a woman, carrying life and getting heavier every month are steps closer to giving birth and meeting their new baby.


Baby showers, maternity shoots, family maternity shoot, and baby gender reveal parties are some pregnancy celebrations we can organize to keep the pregnancy journey more memorable.

Special treatments

It feels awkward at first but people around you especially your husband will be taking extra care of you at this time. It’s almost as if they don’t want to see you moving around. You’ll feel like a real queen!

Priority parkings everywhere (if there’s available), no queues in banks, use of disabled cubicles, and you’ll be assisted more than you’ll ever be at this time. Savor it and enjoy it. In the Philippines though, there’s a lack of disabled and pregnant ladies’ facilities like working escalators in train stations and ramps in building and shops. You’ll notice this more when you start pushing your baby around in a stroller.There are special lounges around some shopping malls for pregnant ladies too.

It’s nice to feel extra special and pampered once in a while.

Food, food, food! 

Welcome to the world of sudden intense food cravings! Chances are when you crave for something, people around you will find a way to give them to you especially your partner.

You’re eating for 2! That’s the usual thing you’ll have in mind or what people will tell you but you really don’t need to. Just eat enough healthy foods and add 20% more into your usual food intake, that’s okay too.

Enjoy the food cravings because once you get them, you’ll feel like jumping for joy (literally!) 🙂

There’s an excuse / reason to…

and blame it on the hormones

  • feel lazy and tired
  • feel and look fatter
  • eat a lot
  • sleep and nap a lot
  • moody (but don’t take advantage to be grumpy. No one likes a grumpy preggy lady)
  • walk like a penguin
  • cover up and wear loose clothes
  • always be hungry
  • always feel hot
  • emotional – too happy, too sad, or sometimes crying outbursts
  • feel so beautiful (because carrying life is!)

Excitement of choosing a name

Once you know the gender of your baby, giving him/ her a name is another exciting thing to do. Well, unless you already have names ready long before the baby arrived. Giving the name to him/her is just so exciting.

You start looking for names and their meanings. In the Philippines, names given to babies vary from religious, mix of the parents’ names, to naming after their grandparents or parents. Choosing a nickname for your baby is fun to do too!

Preparing for the baby’s arrival

When you go to malls and shops, looking at baby stuff just gives so much unexplainable happiness for the parents, for the relatives, and friends. All baby stuff keeps evolving through time. They become better and cuter each year. The line of clothes, the gadgets, the stuff for the baby just keeps getting more and more. You just have to know what are really needed and what are nice-to-haves.

Don’t fall prey into the trap of advertising. Always be smart in choosing what you need for the baby. Sometimes, we have to think way back when we were young (how things were simpler, what were used, we was needed) to be able to decipher which ones are needs and wants. Learn to pick what are worth buying for convenient, comfort, and durability at a reasonable price.

The Movements and Kicks

I love it when the baby kicks and moves around the tummy! The feeling of being attached to your baby and feeling the movements reminds you that he’s/she’s fine and moving inside.

Some say that the movements are not kicks, the baby is just looking for a way to hug mommy and daddy from the inside. Beautiful! 🙂

The Journey

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that women take. It may not be too easy for some but with loving support, it will make everything easier. Pregnancy is a wonderful moment for couple’s to bond as partners and get themselves ready for parenthood. As life forms in the mom’s tummy, life as a family is also strengthened as couple’s get themselves ready for another wonderful and challenging journey of parenthood.


All pregnancies, whether it’s your first or fourth, are life-changing. No mother can ever forget her pregnancy just like no mother will ever forget the day she gave birth and how life changed after the arrival of a child. The journey to motherhood begins with pregnancy and we love how it never ends.

Enjoy every stage of the pregnancy as a couple! It’s always a shared journey.


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