Gender Prediction Beliefs

Filipinos love guessing or maybe making bets on the gender of a pregnant woman’s baby. And also, Filipinos has their own unique way to predict the gender. They have been passed on from one generation to another. They’re also considered pamahiins in a way. The physical changes and physical behavior of the mother is so much observed during pregnancy that a lot relate the unusual behavior to pregnancy and the gender of the baby.


Hormones is indeed tricky. I can attest to that. During my first pregnancy, I was literally crying over some food I was craving for and when I got it I cried even more because of the joy I felt. I was laughing and also crying loudly and was at  the same time really wondering why I’m crying. Hormones it is. It’s unexplainable and unbelievable but they behave in such a way that you cannot control them. It’s so funny but the I still remember clearly the intense feeling I felt.

Here’s more gender prediction pamahiins I wrote for Smart Parenting. – Click here


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