Organic Spray Deodorant

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. February turned out to be a super busy month than the usual February of my life. Anyway, I’ll try as much to write again.

New discovery guys!Being an organic junkie led me to ditch my commercialized deo to an organic liquid spray one. Although this one’s not local, at least it cares about the environment and care about the consumer.

Sometimes deo creams and sticks leave us sticky and so I decided to try a liquid one that dries up totally.- Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Body Spray. So far it’s working really well. I just can’t test the odor eliminating feature since I really never had some unwanted body odor. I actually use deo because it’s the hygienic way of doing things right? So it became part of my life’s routine.

Why I love it?

It smells so good. I got the lavender and white tea scent. It’s a mineral deodorant body spray, hypoallergenic, paraben free, and it’s non-staining too. 2 sprays each side and that’s it! At least in my own way I am able to help the environment. These are stuff we want to teach the children of this generation so the world will be a better place for them and their children. Motherhood statement but I meant it so dearly when I had kids of my own.

One thing though, for those who want anti-perspirant feature, I don’t think you can get that from organic ones.

Where to get it and how much?

Healthy Optionsstores nationwide. They have other brand you can try too. It’s almost Php300 for a 118ml bottle. Not bad since it will really last for months.

Two thumbs up for this organic find!


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