Nail Care tips

I’m really not an expert when it comes to beautifying the nails but I have some tips on nail care. Of course nails are always nice when clean and of course, for us, colored too.

Gel polish is a relatively a recent breakthrough in the nail industry and I’ve recently put wonderful colored gel polish over the holidays and this February. I got some good feedback from the nail artists that my nails are well/taken cared of and I didn’t know I was doing the right things taking care of my hands and nails even without nail polish on them.

Here’s sharing a few tips so you can start taking care of your nails early on. As we age, like our skin, everything is harder to take care of and preserve.

  1. Do not cut the cuticles. If you start cutting and pushing the cuticles, you’ll notice that they begin to become thicker and thicker in time. You can stop now and you can instead moisturise the nails and the cuticles. Apply oil or cuticle oil (I use coconut oil or essential oils and they’re fine). When I go to the nail salons, I request of the nail artists not to push or cut my cuticles. Instead, I like the idea of beautifying my nails around what is currently there (yes, plus the cuticles). Through time, my cuticles did not grow but became a nicer part of my nails.
  2. Do not put gel nail polish so often. If you want to put gel polish, it’s okay but do it every quarter of the year. That’s actually my personal nail rule. I noticed that if you regularly put gel polish, the nails are drier. They looked so nice for a long time on the outside but when you remove them, they actually sucked the beauty of your nails.
  3. Moisturize and rejuvenate the nails. After putting nail polish, may it be gel or regular ones, make sure you have a care regimen for your nails just like your regimen for your face and body. I have a cuticle lotion that I put in my nails too.
  4. Know your nail polish brand and its contents. I make sure I put organic nail polish as much as possible. Less harmful elements, the better. What are good brands? My personal favorite is Zoya. Did you know that they have Naked Manicure system that works by instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long term. I did this recently in a my new go-to salon that really takes care of my nails. This is the only nail system I  really love. They’re gentle on the nails and are therapeutic too. I actually tried it recently since I did two consecutive gel nail polishes in two months (a big NO right?). Other organic nail polish brands include Surcoat and Butter London. Some claim they are safe to use to without the harmful elements. Just check to be sure.
  5. Have nail tools at home. The tools need not be salon-grade or expensive. They need to be clean and well-kept. Up to this day I still keep and still clean my nail kit. I wrote about it here

These are good and simple ways to take care of your nails. Even the tiniest part of our body should be properly cleaned and taken cared of.

Here’s a shot my recent nails using The Naked Manicure system by Zoya. I so love how clean and nice my nails are, They look naturally pretty 🙂


Here’s a little fun info on nail shapes:


Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.


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