Simple and Easy Everyday Relaxation Guide for Moms

The exhaustion for new moms and working moms is unexplainable. It’s true for most moms. I’m not even sure if husbands will ever understand it but tiredness has never been so real until the time I became a mom and with some home-based work too. So moms, don’t worry, we get you. We really do.

Each day goes by thinking how the kids are, what to eat, what to do, keeping the home together, what supplies are lacking, nap times, did the kids eat well, are they learning the right things, is everything okay. Simple things to worry about, you think? Do this everyday with everything else like work and other things in your life and it’s gets a little more complicated. Don’t get moms wrong, they love it and they love the gift of everything in their lives but because moms have physical limitations, our earthly bodies just get really tired.

So here are some simple things I do and maybe some of the moms can do too to destress and give yourself that relaxation you deserve:

1. Enjoy quiet time drinking your favorite drink. It can be your cup of coffee, cup of hot milk, choco drink, cold drink, etc. Rest yourself for a few minutes and think of happy thought and relax. For me, it’s hot coffee. When you have toddler around, drinking your coffee hot is such a challenge.

2. Yoga, meditation, and prayer. I have been doing before bedtime yoga for a week now and I can say it helps me sleep better. It makes me relax and I am able to let go of all the “noise” of my day before a good night’s rest. I don’t get a full 6-8 hours of sleep just yet again because the kids still need nappy changes or needs to drink milk but I get quality 3-4 hours of sleep since I started doing before bedtime yoga. You can take his time to pray and have spiritual time too. Quiet time is always a good idea.

3. Exercise. Hit the gym if you have time but if none, walking is good too. I walk pushing the stroller and at the same time I bond with my children. Simple exercises will do and the feeling of releasing those stressful elements in your body actually works. A little stretching will do too.

4. Listen to your favorite music uninterrupred. Just one song and enjoy it. It will lift your spirits high and it feels so good too.

5. Read a little or maybe a chapter of a good book. A good short break from everything.

6. Aromatherapy! If you’re into essential oils (not that I am but I’ve actually tried it), it’s a good way to relax you body. Just enjoy the smell of your lavender or relaxation oil mix to set a good mood for yourself.

7. Watch an episode of your favorite series. It’ll make you so happy (really). Maybe you can do this when the kids are sleeping like how I do it. There are just so many things to watch in Netflix now. You can watch anywhere and anytime. Oh how technology evolves!

8. A good bath. Wonderful right? A good bath meaning you don’t have to rush but take your time to clean yourself and enjoy a hot bath , if possible.

9. Write. If it makes you happy. Writing for some (like me) is an outlet, a way to let go and share. It’s an art form and a very powerful one. Write your heart out, try it and it feels great!

10. Window shop. Go out of the home for a while if possible -and walk around the mall. No need to spend a lot. Just  check out the new stuff available and just update yourself once in a while.

11. Take Power naps while kids take their nap too. Maybe 15-30 minute naps will do the trick. Recharge your body and mind.

12. Crafts. Learn something new and it’ll give you not only happiness but a new sense of fulfilment. Do this only if you love crafts. If not, you will find this tiring and a hard thing to do.

13. Dance it all out. For a few minutes, dance to your favorite dance music and it will really make you feel so good after. Stay in a room where you can be alone if possible or let the kids join!

14. Do nothing but close your eyes. Take social media and internet breaks for few hours. Social media really adds to our everyday noise without us even knowing it.

15. Drink ginger tea, lemon tea, or camomille tea. It works! drink them hot not cold okay? Add a good relaxing music too.

16. Stay positive. We forget this a lot of days but this is a big factor in keeping our days light and happy. See the good in everything instead of the negative ones first. It doesn’t pay to look at both sides but a positive mind attracts the positive things too.

It takes a little effort to relax with all the things we need to juggle but it will help keep us productive with quality. Besides, it’s for our the good of our well being too.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. – Alan Cohen

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