NAIL it!

Being a girl is a lot of fun and much more complicated than being a man (but still depends on the individual on how complicated or simple her needs and wants are). Part everyone’s need is to keep their nails clean and neat and thus owning a nail clipper. But for girls, it helps to have your Nail hygiene kit too. So what if all your nail salons are closed? (Just an end of the world scenario there) Every home needs a nail kit and every girl should.know how to clean their nails well. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be saving from less visits to the nail salon. You only need the same amount of time or maybe less (since there’s no travel time) to clean your nails and even put nail polish. But then not everyone knows how to do it, right? Here’s your simple and basic kit guide just like in our home. Remember, practice makes perfect! There’s also this happy feeling after you cleaned your own nails well.

The Kit

1. Nail clipper

2. Cuticle nipper

3. Cuticle pusher

4. Cuticle remover

5. Cuticle moisturizer


6. Nail file

7. Nail brush

8. Nail polish remover

9. Exfoliators

10. Buffers

11. others- polish clean up and shaping tools

12. Nail polish- clear, nude, red, pink, brown, etc


I’m still in the process of learning how to put nail polish well on my right hand with my left hand. Practice will make it perfect in time.

Let’s be realistic. Of course we cannot work on our nails all the time and we need other people’s expertise on some days. I’ve tried a lot of nail salons buy if you want a consistent good and above the average usual service, I highly recommend these two places.

Nail TropicsI frequent Nail Tropics in Greenbelt 5 back when we lived nearby those bunch of shopping malls. I love their interiors, skilled staff, and quality nail polish brands. My favorite is Zoya. It stays longer than others and did you knowp it’s preggy friendly too?

Make sure you call before you go since their schedule’s full most days. You’re lucky of they have an available nail artisan if you go without an appointment. I love their Butter Me Up foot spa and I love their gel polishes too. I visited their Uptown BGC branch and they also gave a good service. So far two branches are consistent and I’m one happy client!

Click here for their Facebook page for other details

Mich and Myl Nails

They’re the expert ones when it comes to gel polished nails but they have so much more services available like waxing, eyelash extension, etc. I tried the one in Salcedo Makati and I was happy how detailed and thorough they were. Book an appointment in advance or go during non-peak hours (which is office hours). But then when I pass that branch everyday before I always see it with a lot of customers. It’s because their really good at their craft.

Click here for more details on Mich and Myl.


We can’t deny that nails are important in a woman or man’s hygiene. Aside form aesthetically pleasing to look at, the dirt and germs that gets stuck around our nails will keep our hands and nails dirty and in the event that we get a wound, the dirt will easily infect the wound (however small the cut is).



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