Empty Bottle Review: Colourpop Lippie (Kiddo)

Here’s another empty bottle review! The family’s been busy and the home is as busy too lately so some of the stuff I wrote to share with you are frozen in my drafts. They’ll all be published soon. I’m also excited to finish an article for a parenting magazine. Simple joys of being a writer I must say.

I recently emptied a Colourpop lippie -Kiddo! We all know that there’s a wonderful feeling after finishing a cosmetic product right? I feel like I really got more than what I paid for and like you’re making use of your products responsibly.


I’m giving this product a rating of 9/10. Why? First of all packaging is simple and clean. It’s easy to use and apply. I love how moist Colourpop sheer lippies are so they keep my lips moisturized.

One caveat though, if you want a lippie that stays for hours and hours, this might not be the one for you. You’ll need to re-apply this every 2 hours if you want the look and feel having full coverage.

I love the shade too-Kiddo. It’s for my everyday use. It’s close to my lip color and  serves as an enhancement of my lip’s shade. It’s easy to remove too. No need for makeup removers for this product. I also use it as my cream blush when there are days that I need to rush. The shade is perfect for my skin tone and you just have to adjust the amount you apply depending on how light or dark you want it to appear on your face.

Enjoy it as much as I did! And for sure I'”ll get another one soon (but hen I need to finish my other products).

“Confidence: Wear It Like Makeup”


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