10 & 11 Months (Matteo)

***This post has been in my draft for months now and I keep forgetting to publish this for our little boy. The life of having 2 walking and running toddlers has become more than busy for the entire home and it’s fun and such a wonderful experience.***

One more month and we’re celebrating another 1st birthday! We’re missing the more helpless baby but 10 months and 11 months are by far the most tiring but more fun months with our dear little boy, Matteo. Tiring because his strength and powerful muscles are amazing! If not for his extra weight, you’re probably walking so fast now. We need to cut down on his milk intake.

He’s more aware of his surroundings. We can definitely tell not all kids (even your own kids) are the same. There are maybe some similar behaviors but each of us (even babies of course) are uniquely different. It’s interesting how Matt prefers some shows while his sister dislikes them. The ride for us parents gets more complicated at this point. One thing they like both now is Elmo. I noticed that Elmo shows and episodes make them excited and burst with energy and become hyperactive most of the time. Well, I agree with them. Elmo is one energetic character and his laugh is making me excited too and boosts my energy too. Maybe that’s it.



Dearest Matteo,

You were so calm and behaved (unless you’re teething badly or it took a while before we gave you your food) at 10 months and a month has changed you instantly and made you into a boy who’s learning so many new things.

You’re getting clingier than ever to mom too.

You love cars and wheels. You love turning all your toy cars upside down and just turn the wheels around and around. You so love Wheels on the Bus song too! You’re such a boy in all your interests, Matt! So cute! You make all the wheels spin like a roulette. Amazing!

The next months will be exciting as you and your sister Are slowly becoming playmates. We’re glad with your small age gap (1 year) you have instant playmates and almost twin. We enjoy watching you both everyday.


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