BABY Comfort + Style for your Little One’s STEPS

Our kids are starting to grow a little bigger now. They’re 3 and 2 years old (in a few days for our boy) and dressing them up is becoming more challenging. Why challenging ? Because for us we don’t consider just style and how it looks on the outisde but we also want them to be comfortable in what they wear in and out of the home. It will give them more flexibility to move and explore.

We found comfort and style in this local shoe company, Baby Steps. Here’s why we love it!

The Look and Style

We love classic and stylish stuff for the kids. It keeps their taste simple too. It also keeps visual noise and clutter out sometimes. We get our children clothes and shoes that is flexible for a lot of events and places we frequent and since they grow up fast at this stage, we don’t buy then a lot of stuff but we buy a few but worth the investment. The ones that will last and are worth keeping and may be passed on to the next sibling (perhaps?). Baby Step’s shoes fits our criteria and we simply love how classy and chic their footwears are.

At first glance, it looks so plain but look at it closely. The leatherette texture makes is so lovely too. Take note, it’s real leather too! Easy to wipe dust and dirt away and less possibility of staining.

The basic look make it so appealing too! I actually want one for myself !

Comfort and Personalization

Trust us when we say it’s really comfortable for rhe kids. Our little girl runs around and goes to the playground wearing her Baby Steps sandals. She picks it every time we go out. Goes to show how she enjoys wearing it too. She’s also so proud of how it bears her name too. You may opt to put initials too.

Also, the soles oart of the shoe is padded and very soft. Also our other worry when our kids wear sandals is the blister they can get from the sandals’s hard parts. But because Baby Steps shoes are soft they move gently to-and-fro and side-to-side on the skins of our children and they don’t get blister which is one really good thing for us.

They have an available size guide and lookbook on their site for reference.

Love Local

I love supporting local businesses and they do so much good to our economy too. Call me ideal but that’s something we need to instill also in the minds and hearts of the young ones.

Baby Steps are all made locally by hand. Which means each footwear is an output of hardwork, passion, and great talent.

You may purchase these (and more other colors) beautifully made classic sandals and loafers on their website – click here.

Our little girl loves her pair of Baby Steps! She loves how her name is on it too.

What are you waiting for? Get your child a pair now !

footwear images by Baby Steps

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