CLEVER GADGETS for the Family (Christmas gift ideas too!)

Our little girl started learning how to write the past months and she really loves to draw, scribble, and color a lot. The greatest challenge though is when her brother sees her write and wants to do what she does too- then some tug of war happens. Trust me, this is a small part of young siblings struggles parents with young kids face each day.

As I was looking for some educational and helpful aids for our toddlers as they learn new things everyday, I came across a wonderful brand of m clever stuff- Clever Gadgets. True to its name, their first product, the CleverBoard, is definitely one useful and worth it purchase. We realized that this wasn’t just for the kids but also something useful for the entire family. Another hit product they have is the ultimate stroller hook, the Clever Hook. So here’s why we love these clever products from Clever Gadgets and why every parent should have these.

What is a CleverBoard?

The CleverBoard is a 10-inch e-writing tablet where, in the past decades, can be compared to a magic slate (millenials, do you know this?). After writing, with one touch of the button, it erases everything. The CleverBoard comes in two colors- the black and white CleverBoard. It comes with a writing pen that is attached and kept at the back of the board.

Chesca enjoys drawing on the CleverBoard

What makes the CleverBoard special?

It is an e-writing tablet with a lock feature. If you wish to save your writings longer or prevent from accidentally pressing the erase button, the lock feature will do that for you. The best thing about it is that you help save trees with less consumption of paper. Also, it is very light so you can bring it anywhere. It is also a good way to lessen gadget use of your kids and let their creativity work as they doodle and write anything on the CleverBoard.

Our CleverBoard actually already suffered a few falls, squeezes, hits, water spills, and intense pressure but it still works and looks like it’s brand new. We’ve tested the durability element quite well I suppose.

source: Clever Gadgets
source: Clever Gadgets
source: Clever Gadgets

It can be helpful for us in many ways:

  1. Message Board – for messages and reminders I want to leave when I go out of the house
  2. For toddlers, it is a doodle board and a learning board. We play “guess-mommy’s-drawing game” as we call it for now.
  3. It can be a doodle board for adults too. It really can be a stress-reliever doodling and writing anything in our minds once in a while. I enjoy drawing and crafts so writing on the CleverBoard relaxes me too!
  4. Reminder Board – for your shopping lists, things you don’t want to forget, things to do
  5. Visual Aid Board– If you want to explain a direction or something visual during a conversation, meeting, or to your child, the CleverBoard is always handy

And there are endless possibilities on how the CleverBoard can be useful to every family. Also, when the battery runs out, you may replace it easily by yourself. Battery life is between 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use.

Matteo gets so excited when Mommy makes her “artworks” 🙂

Makes teaching easier for us

Nothing beats the feel of real writing vis-a-vis typing (which a lot of adults like us do these days). The great thing is that you may save the doodles, artworks, writings on the CleverBoard too! How? Well, the CleverBoard doesn’t have a memory card for that since our gadgets and phones have that already. So take a photo of the board with the writings snd save it! Use the app CS scanner / CamScanner to capture and scan the doodle on the board. It’s easy and you get to do more things with what you worked on using the CleverBoard!

What is a Clever Hook?

The Clever Hook is another smart gadget that moms and dads can use. It’s the ultimate stroller hook that can be used to hang you bags, shopping bags, and it may also be used as a carrying hook to secure your things as you go shopping. It can carry up to 60 pounds (wow right?!). You may use it at the grocery to hang your bag or anything you’re carrying by hand onto the shopping cart.

What makes the Clever Hook special?

It’s really light so you can bring it in your handbag so you’re always ready. We’ve used it to secure our belongings when we go out. With toddler in tow, there’s always a possibility of leaving some bags we have or whatever we purchased. But when we use the Clever Hook, there’s a sense of order and security when it comes to our things when we’re out.

With a soft and padded grip, it doesn’t hurt the hand too. No more shopping bag marks on your fingers.

I used it in a recent trip with my parents and family to Divisoria and we used it secure and carry small to large plastic bags. It served us really well! Even Lolas and Lolos, Titos and Titas appreciated the Clever Hook too!

Makes it easier to carry a lot at the same time

Where and How can you get a CleverBoard and Clever Hook?

So happy we got our e-writing board from a trusted and reliable brand. Don’t fall into the trap of other really cheap, easy-to-break, and those that seem to have some backlight (not sure how you call that technology) but having a CleverBoard that’s writes depending on how much pressure you put into it will help early learners write properly.

The Board and Hook are also good gifts to give to your loved ones. You parent-friends and relatives and even single loved ones will find these useful. We’ve always wanted to give useful stuff right?

You can get the CleverBoard and Clever Hook from Clever Gadgets PH. You may order online here or visit their IG here. Watch out also for their next bazaars events too and they give amazing discounts there! Watch out for other their Clever and useful Gadgets. We love how Clever Gadgets make our lives easier in an eco-friendly way!

“We are changing the world with wise use of technology one innovation at a time.”

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