Insect Repellents and Insect Bite Scars

Been getting a lot of questions about this topic and I believe this is an important concern for parents. At any stage in parenting, dengue mosquitos will always haunt us and we’re lucky to have a lot insect repellent brands available out there that are good for infants and children too. The new ones in the market are safe from harmful chemicals and are mild and gentle on the skin yet works as effective as they should be.

I’ve shared before some products we use or tired on our kids- click here to read about them. We do still recommend them still until today but for us now the oils seem to be really effective although it may be sticky and oily on the skin and the aroma may be stronger too. I really don’t mind those as long as they will protect our children. We’ve graduated from the use of mosquito patches and stickers and with a 3 and 2-year old kids, we think it’s best to use the oils and citronella sprays. The patches are perfect for small bodies and minimal movement for our kids.

To add to the list I shared before, here are more products we tried and these are the 4 products we are currently using:

  • Giga Body Spray Citronella Mosquito Spray – There are lots of Giga booths/ stalls around major shopping malls nationwide or from resellers. I personally saw in Greenbelt 1, Greenhills Viramall, and Robinsons Magnolia.
  • Bear Necessities Anti-Bug Spray – Repels mosquitoes up to 3 hours and with 100% DEET Free with plant-based active ingredients. We got this from Cut 4 Tots Kids Salon in Powerplant Mall when our little boy got his haircut once.
  • Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil by Human Nature – May be purchased online via Human Nature website or you may buy from groceries or supermarkets that carry Human Nature products. Got one from Rustan’s Supermarket.
  • Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion by Human Nature -May be purchased online via Human Nature website or you may buy from groceries or supermarkets that carry Human Nature products. Rustan’s supermarket has them too.

To lighten scars, there are 3 things we think that will really work safely for the kids.

  • Aloe Vera – This the real plant and not any aloe vera- based product. You’ll be surprised how useful the aloe vera plant actually is. We have this plant at home and here’s the nicest image I can take of it after we watered it. Aloe Vera loves water a lot and just enough sun everyday around 2-4 hours is enough.
  • First, you should peel the outer green layer of an aloe vera leaf. Then scoop out the gel like substance. Then apply the gel on your child’s scarred or bruised area in circular motion. Keep it applied on the scar for at least half-n-hour. Apply twice on a daily basis. However, do not apply it on open wound. It actually works well with bruises and the bump doesn’t swell too much. I heard that aloe vera is good for burns too.
    • Lucas Papaw – I honestly thought this was just nothing but another petroleum jelly product. Since I my tub and tube variants as gifts from loved ones, I decided to try and use them and I discovered it was more than my first impression. It was useful to me more than I could’ve imagined.
  • As how my daughter puts it, “mosquitos and flies will bite you and will pass on the virus to make you sick”. So I believe prevention is always better than cure and it doesn’t harm to smell like citronella everyday. I used to hate the smell of citronella but now imit’s the best smelling skin protection for me. It grows on you in time too!
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