Colors of Year 2019

I’m sure you guys want to know what the lucky colors are so you have ideas on what you’ll be wearing this 2019 aside from the classic lucky polka dots to welcome to the year. We all enjoy knowing and following these lucky colors for whatever our reasons are. Some believe in the luck it may bring, some just being trendy and in. It’s fun actually and it keeps a good vibe as we welcome a new year.

For Pantone

Living Coral is Pantone’s color of 2019. It’s a brighter shade of the usual coral color. You may be familiar withh this already since Apple and Airbnb are already using this color even before 2019.

It is a vibrant yet mellow shade of orange as Pantone puts it. According to Pantone, it brings a sense of optimism and joyful pursuits. It is a color that brings comfort.

Also, this color is said to keep us reminded of our living corals and to remind us of our responsibility to take care of our environment.

For those who want to know who or what Pantone is here goes- Pantone Color Institute is a color company that delivers insight color trends, recommendations, and brand identity. It is a US-based company. Every year they release colors of the year that really becomes a trend. They started announcing colors in 2000 and became a yearly thing.

Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology sense, the lucky colors of the year 2019 (Year of the Pig) are red, white, pink, orange, white, gray, brown and yellow. These lucky colors are not just for what you will be wearing but also for the home. But a trendy and fashionable color is said to be red which symbolizes the fire element.

For more good luck, experts say that these are the lucky colors to wear- vivid red, azure blue, white, and gold.

Each zodiac sign also has their specific lucky colors too. But these are the general colors of the year.

Enjoy being fashionable , fabulous, and color- coded. If this will give you a good vibe to bring on 2019 with an upbeat and inspired or positive outlook go and break a leg in 2019!

Great Year 2019 to us all!

sources: Pantone and Chinese Zodiac

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