Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Us

Rainy season is here! It also means more mosquitoes hovering around. It’s also time to take extra precautions to protect our babies, kids, and the whole family from illnesses caused by bites of these mosquitoes. Dengue cases are also up during this season so be extra careful.

Here are several ways we can do in our homes to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Keep doors, windows, and screens shut and always in good condition – make sure screens, doors, and windows in your home have no holes on them.
  •  Make sure there are no standing water around your home and your garden – Mosquitoes love water and their breed fast with standing water present.
  • Remove old and used tires – mosquitoes breed on those too.
  • If you have trees in your garden, fill the holes with sand so mosquitoes don’t have room to breed on these spaces.
  • Keep your garden clean from weeds at all times and pipes should be free from leaks.
  • Keep your home clean at all times too.
  • Stay indoors during peak hours when mosquitoes are out and most active like late afternoon to evening.
  • Use anti-mosquito devices and appliances to protect your home- like the mosquito racket zappers (you can purchase at hardware stores) and other electric bug zappers available out there and also citronella sprays or candles will help too.
  • Use mosquito repellant sprays, lotions, oil, and patches.

Sharing great products we’ve tried and have been using and some details about them:



1 – Body Basics Citronella Insect Repellant by Echostore

Spray type and smells good. Citronella scent is not so strong and contains natural ingredients to repell mosquitos.

You may see more details here

2- Stingless Citronella Mosquito Repellant with Propolis by Ilog Maria

It is oil-based and lasts for quite some time. It’s also safe for kids.

Details about the product here

3 – Insect Repellant by Messy Bessy

Spray type and easy to apply. You can apply a lot without the worry of drying your skin or applying too much.

4 – Cycles Sensitive Natural Insect Repellant

Safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. I’ve been using this on my baby simce she was 6 months. Her skin (with mild eczema didn’t react to it). You can buy this from department stores, supermarkets, or leading baby specialty stores nationwide at Php290+ (100ml).

Follow their Instagram for other products: click here

5 – Anti- Mosquito Patches by Smart Steps

They help shoo away mosquitoes but to be sure, you have to still put anti mosquito lotion or oil. These are for kids. They come in different designs and may be bought in boxes (12  per box).

Follow their Instagram account: click here

6 – Mosquito Repellant Patches by Moskishield

Same as the patches mentioned above. They have the same purpose and to be sure put anto mosquito lotions or oil when and if the place is infested with a lot of mosquitoes. They may be bought in boxes too (24 pcs per box).

Like their Facebook page too: click here


Better safe all the time for the illnesses we can get from mosquitoes range from flu to severe diseases that are fatal. We don’t want to put our family at risk so observe cleanliness and always have protection.


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