Our Top 5 Disposable Diapers

Original article: October 13, 2017

Updated: July 30, 2022 (with the same brands for our top 5)

Diapers play a big role in a parent’s peace of mind. Knowing that your child is comfortable and dry give us parents a sense of good comfort too. When we were just first-time parents, we were clueless on what’s a good brand in the market. We didn’t know what to get and try. We have to consider being practical on the price without sacrificing quality. Although a lot of parents decide to use reusable cloth diapers, we didn’t consider it this time yet since condo living makes it difficult for us to wash and hang and easily get the dry ones. Maybe when our next kid comes we can use reusable and washable ones.

Since I get a lot of inquiries on the best diapers, here’s sharing our top 5 picks and little bit about them.

5. EQ Dry 


We liked this one for being available in a lot of supermarkets and groceries but sad to say both our little girl and little boy became allergic to this brand after long-term use when they were infants. I believe it doesn’t mean other children will be allergic if our kids were. Remember that every child is different and their skin is different from others too so we still recommend this despite the allergic reaction. It is more affordable than the other leading brands and it absorbs really well. Choose the “dry” variant. We find it softer than the regular ones. We went back to using this when they were 3 years old and no more skin allergies this time.

4. Huggies Dry


Huggies has been in the diaper business for so long and I remember my sister using this before she outgrew all local brand and then we switched to imported ones. We always choose to get the “dry” variants for any brand since we really want the most comfortable and most reliable variant there is. Yes, we are prepared to pay a little more for that too. It works well and seems to be comfortable too. It’s not readily available in smaller groceries though. You have to know where to get this brand like in S&R branches, selected Mercury Drug Stores (you may call first to be sure), or leading supermarkets like Rustan’s, SMs and Robinsons.

3. Drypers 


Choose the “dry” variant too. I honestly underestimated this brand at first. It really kept our babies dry but still we change more frequent than what we are currently using (#1 here in our list). It is available in many groceries and supermarkets and even drug stores. I like how it comes with 4 Natural Plant Extracts including Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E that helps to keep your baby’s skin healthy and comfortable. I noticed how the quality improved through time. It definitely takes care of baby’s skin with these all-natural ingredients.

2. Pampers Premium and Newborn

I love how compact and slim the diapers are. They’re easy to bring and not bulky inside the diaper bags. It’s really soft and so it feels so comfortable for babies and you’ll barely notice the babies are wearing diapers. The premium variant is the softest variant that’s why we chose it. I personally don’t like the sound of plastic when I hold our babies (well that’s just me). It’s not easily available anywhere so you really have to know where they usually sell this. They have in Rustan’s and S&R (sometimes) and sometimes in SMs and Robinsons too. Landmark supermarkets also sell these. Well, our kids love to drink water so when they pee, it’s really a lot. We don’t really mind that since we prefer that they drink a lot of water and it keeps everything in their bodies okay (including bowel movement) and since we’re using good quality diapers that doesn’t leak.I love this brand since they also have a variant for preemies too. So much love for our little babies right?

With a trusted brand like Pampers, parents will have that confidence of having a good diaper for their children.

1.Mamypoko Extra Dry


I love this product to bits! This is what we are using for more than 3 years. Love it really! Yup, said from the heart. I swear our kids never leaked even if it was really really full. They have peaceful sleep for long hours at night. Although it’s the bulkiest and thickest I’ve encountered, I don’t mind since it absorbs twice as much as the ones mentioned above. It is always available in S&R groceries, select Mercury Drug Stores, and Rustan’s groceries. It is also available online in Lazada. If you think about it, we really get our money’s worth even if it is pricey per piece. 2 other diapers is equivalent to just 1 Mamypoko diaper. Not bad right? It actually turned out to be cheaper for us.

***Notice that we don’t buy the pants variant. Well, you can try but when we tried the pants style, it was more difficult since we had to chase our active kids’ legs all the time. With a regular side tape style, we can still change them standing up and with more flexible positions. It really depends if you’re comfortable with pants style or not. You can try both styles first.

that’s our boy , Matteo!


Take your pick moms and dads! These are not the only ones out there. These are just our recommended and tested diapers. We value comfort and how absorbent the diapers are. There are local brands too and there are other imported ones too but when you find that perfect diaper, you’ll know where to get them and how often you need to replenish your stock. Imagine we had two tots at the same time years ago who both used diapers. So imagine how much we consume weekly! Decide wisely moms and dads!

“Diaper spelled backward is repaid. Think about it” – M.McLuhancropped-image.jpg


  1. Medyo napaisip lang po ako. Sa numbering… 😁 pero as you have said in number 3, wait for number 1 😊

  2. oh thank you for this! So sorry for the numbering 🙂 I usually write while taking care of the kids so mejo madaming typos 🙂 More proofreading to do 👍🏻

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