Tips on Cutting Your Child’s Hair at Home

Some parents like the idea of giving their kids their first haircut themselves. Or maybe for some they give their kids a haircut or trim in between regular salon visits to save time and resources. It can be a very memorable event for you and your baby of course but if you are 100% and want to do it, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts before you do it.

Though I’m not skilled or an expert to do it but I just really want to do it since it’s give less the hassle of dealing with my child’s tantrums and resistance in the salon.

I had a chance to give our little girl a trim months back and it turned out to be pretty okay. (I think it’s easier to trim a little girl’s hair or what I mean is long, straight hair). Sharing a few tips:

Before and After

1. Few days before giving your child a haircut, keep mentioning haircut and show them videos of it. Here’s the video I make my kids watch – click here

2. You can use any sharp scissors and a flat comb. But there’s a good one that’s really cutting hairs in Miniso or from Department stores. I got one just in case I’ll cut our kids’ hair regularly. Remember to keep it away from your kids and store them in a safe place.

3. Be gentle and sweet. Everyone loves a good salon experience right? So don’t make it a burdensome activity but a quality haircut experience. Make your child hold his/ her favorite toy or something to keep them busy or you may talk to them about anything that interests them while cutting their hair. Don’t you love a good hair stylist who talks about stuff that interests you?

4. Explain that it will make them look nicer and cleaner. Explain that everyone will love his/ her new look and how he/ she will look good with the new hairstyle. Get them happily excited.

5. Reward. While having the haircut, tell your child how behaved and how good he or she is by cooperating and being steady and calm. They love to be complimented and will make them feel proud how good they behaved. Reward may come in the form of food, small toy, playground time, or more tub time.

6. Be quick and accurate in your movements while performing the haircut. Anticipate sudden movements all the time. Do it quick but sure. It’s not easy for first-timers, I know, but focus well. Before you do the actual haircut, check what style you want and maybe watch a video tutorial on it online. I just watched one hair trim video and just do what the video demonstrated.

If the haircut turned out crooked, you may always go to a salon for a fix 😁

7. Be prepared for the mess, for the possibility that your child will stand in the middle of the haircut session, for some tantrums, for scissor-grabs, for a lot of movements, and other possible things that may happen when dealing with toddlers or small kids. They can get really unpredictable at times and it can be difficult. Hair will fall everywhere and this means even on you.

Used Manila Paper as a floor mat so we could easily get most of the hair on the floor.

8. Capture the memory with a lovely photo. It’s perfect memory made! Whether it turned out to a crooked haircut, a funny one, or a perfect one. Even if you’ll do this regularly, every haircut moment is a memory made with your little one.


In parenting, doing things for your little one is so precious and is always a meaningful experience. It doesn’t only teach your child a lot of things but as a parent, you learn new things about your child and yourself. It’s a wonderful journey altogether.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children”

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