Baby Shower/ Baby Sprinkle Games

Having a baby shower is really a thing now especially for new moms but did you know that baby sprinkle is also a baby shower but just more intimate and low-key? Baby Sprinkle is celebrated if it’s mommy’s second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on and so forth child already. Nevertheless, they celebrate the same thing- baby’s arrival soon and Mommy’s “last” party before childbirth.


How to make it fun and memorable? The games really play a big role in any showers and sprinkles. It’a fun way to celebrate togetherness and oneness in a child-like kind of way. Anyway, it’s for mommy and baby right?

Here are some games you can easily set up. They’re hassle-free, fun, and very memorable. Don’t forget the fun music to go with it! Here’s my article with Smart Parenting for it – click here.



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