Last few days or hours of being an Only Child

So this is it! The last few days or hours of our little Chesca as an only child. I still can’t believe that she will be a big sister already and soon we’ll be parents of 2 kids – a family of 4. Time really flies but I stop everyday and savor every moment with my family and my kids. If I could just play a video recorder every minute of everyday to document each moment 24/7… The one year and 3 months we spent as a family of 3 were so full of wonderful and fun memories ! We will be able to tell our Chesca about it in time 🙂

I won’t deny it. I feel a little guilty not being able to carry Chesca as much as I want to everyday, bathe her everyday like before,  and play more active and running games with her. But I am really so thankful for another life growing inside of me and I had to take care of her little brother too of course in my tummy.

From birth to 9 months, I had no nanny for Chesca. We spent every minute together and we had to get a nanny in time to help me physically especially with my growing tummy. Thank God we were blessed with a kind-hearted and loving nanny for our firstborn now. I am happy with our baby girl’s development with her too. I still have some separation anxiety once in a while when I’m not physically with her even for just a few hours. Maybe that’s normal?


Thank God also for her Dada who’s there to help out in taking care of our Chesca. She adores him so much that every waking moment in the morning, she checks on her Dada and always gives me the face “Where is Dada?” 🙂

Here’s my letter to my Chesca who will be a big sister in a few days or even hours from now:

To my darling Chesca, 

In a few days or hours from now, you will not be the only baby in our home. We are so excited for you to meet your little brother Matt (Matteo). We will be teaching you new things – how to share, care, be patient, and play with your brother. 

We decided and are blessed to give you a little sibling so you will have someone to play with and grow up with. There will be someone you will love and protect and he will do the same for you. I can see now that you are very smart and brave. I think you are perfect to be an Ate to Matt and you will be able to guide and lead him to the good and the right path always. 

You will have small fights and tantrums together growing up, but above all, I pray for you both to be God-fearing, love each other dearly and our family next to God. Always remember that you’re my first baby and you were the one who taught me how it is to be a mom, to be selfless, to love more, and to appreciate life in a whole new perspective.

We will try and be the best parents we can to both of you all the time. We will teach you both what matters most in life- not your toys, not those things we can buy, but stuff your eyes can’t see but you can definitely feel. 

As I write this you are now taking a 3-hour nap before you eat your dinner. You are exactly 1 year and 3 months old today. Happy 1 year and 3 months our little love and you’re teething badly the past week which is making mom, dad, and yaya sad because you can’t eat well. But we will help you always in everything okay? We are here to guide you and help you and Matt. Congratulations on having all 16 teeth out! haha! 

I love you so so very much Chesca and soon you’ll meet Matt and you’ll help mom and dad take care of him too. I’m more than excited in everything that will come our way in the next days and  years of our lives. 



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