Baby’s here!

After almost 24 hours of labor, our baby boy Matt came out last June 5! Being 2nd time parents gives us so much knowledge on what to prepare, bring, buy, fix, and we get to prepare ourselves enotionally and physically better too.

As soon as our little man came out from me, I knew it’s going to be a whole new adventure for us as parents raising 2 kids. It’s not going to be a breeze but it’s going to be fun and memorable. I can’t believe I have 2 babies in 2 years 🙂

Kids are wonderful blessings. They give us overflowing joy and love. I’m not sure how days will be like at home as I want an equal time with both our kids. It will be really challenging but what are supermoms and superdads for? 😉

I know that having a boy will be different than having a girl. I will know soon since our little boy’s nanny will be mommy 😊 The next days now for me will be the challenge of breastfeeding plus newborn care and add toddler care to that! Thank you Lord for the energy you are giving me and my husband everyday!

Our first family picture with Matt




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