My Birthing Experience: 2nd Gift from Heaven

Childbirth has always been the best gift and miracle we received as a family. It’s indeed a woman’s super power!

We were given the blessing of having our 2nd child a few days ago and we didn’t expect that the experience is no less lovelier and sweeter the 2nd time around. Another miracle, another life.

All Set

We’ve been waiting for our baby boy’s arrival since the middle of May but he took his sweet time inside mom’s tummy and stayed until almost the 40th week. I did everything from walking long hours and stair climb to carrying our toddler for hours. The natural methods to induce me to give birth did not work. So time came when I had to be medically induced.

Since our stuff were all ready since May, we just went home from my last checkup with my OB with all instructions to prepare me for induction. As I kissed our first born “bye and see you soon with your brother Matteo”, tears literally rolled down my cheeks since this will be the first time I’ll be separated overnight and plus additional one night from my darling Chesca. I wasn’t prepared for the separation. But of course, I was also so excited to welcome our baby Matteo too. So this is how life will be with small kids and a clingy mom πŸ˜‰ – separation anxiety here and there through milestones and moving ups. Yes, motherhood is addicting and the best job ever.

At the Hospital

We arrived at the hospital casually- we parked in the basement, no need for a wheelchair or any assistance for me. We went to the delivery room with all papers and instructions from the doctor and was admitted to the labor room after an hour and induction started at 5:40pm (June 4). This time I knew what was going to happen each step of the way. Unlike my first childbirth. I was physically and emotionally ready for everythingeverything that I’ll be going through. This time, I am more confident since everything that happened when I gave birth the first time are very much fresh in my memory. Funny how even the staff and doctors are mostly the same too.

Fast forward to after 14 hours- Β I was 4 cm dilated and it got stuck there for quite a while. I feel the labor pains but my tolerance was higher this time. But however I can tolerate pain, my body was already physically tired so I end up just falling asleep all of a sudden and waking up every after 15 mins when strong contractions occur. Whew! Labor will never be easy, ever! But labor pains make everything so much meaningful in a whole different level for moms.

Anesthesia was given at 6cm and controlled amounts after to allow my cervix to dilate faster. The pain started to be stronger and stronger as our little boy pushes his way out to meet us. Everyone in the labor rooms area and the doctors were as usual supportive and very efficient. I hated them for being happy (in my own interpretation from their faces and reactions) when I say I feel more pain everytime (this was during my first pregnancy). Hahaha!

My family and friends supported me throughout my 22-hour labor through messaging and sms. My husband was again beside me the whole time and made sure we (me and our boy and our eldest back home) were comfortable and okay. He kept everyone updated too and made sure I get what I want πŸ™‚

After 22 hours of labor, I was fully dilated and everyone rushed me to the operating room and after around 5-6 strong pushes, our baby boy Matteo came out! Thank you so much Lord and for everyone (my doctors, nurses, and resident doctors) for a safe delivery and for giving us a healthy boy πŸ™‚

First thing we noticed when our baby boy came out was that he looked exactly like our first born Chesca when he was crying. The look on their faces when they came out were the same.

My husband documented whatever he can during delivery and then after everything, he went to introduce Matt to our family who (again) patiently waited outside of the delivery room. Then my husband went with our baby to the nursery and watched as he was cleaned , measured, and dressed. As for me back in the operating room, I chatted with my doctor and nurses as they fix and clean me up. Unlike the first childbirth (wherein I was sedated and just woke up ready to be transported to the room), I refused to be sedated this time so I know everything that will happen. Amazingly, I still had energy after πŸ™‚


So thankful to have gained my strength back 5 hours after I gave birth. I was able to stand up already to go to the comfort room. And 7 hours after, nothing was attached to me anymore. I wanted to go home at this point.

We were able to go home 2 days after I gave birth. Our pedia and OB were so wonderful and as usual the best! They made sure I was in perfect shape and our baby is healthy and finished all newborn test the soonest so we could head home to our eldest daughter.

Parents of 2 Under 2

Being a second time parent is even more exciting than the first. We know better now and we corrected all the little mistakes we did before. We needed so much help the first time but now we can do things with more confidence as a couple (we don’t feel so helpless and needy now). Nothing beats teamwork and experience ! But of course we still needed extra hands on some things especially back home.

We now have 2 kids under 2 years of age in 2 years! Imagine that! I couldn’t at first but here we are. I know this won’t be easy but we’re overjoyed and excited for the coming days and months and years. Everything becomes double now- double meal times, double bath times, double cries, double chaos, double the adventure, and double the fun!

God doubled our blessings and now it’s time for us to do our job the best way we can as parents and husband and wife πŸ™‚

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  1. hi Tina, may I know who is your OB and how much it cost to deliver a baby in Makati Medical Center?

  2. Hi Mae, my OB is Dra. Ana Madamba- Burgos. She’s really good and nice. Rates in Makati Medical Center range start at 100k to 120k 8for small private room for normal delivery and 150k to 160k for small private for ceasrean delivery 😊 we got the large private the only difference with small private is that there’s a refrigerator.

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