The 2nd Pregnancy

I still remember clearly every second of my birthing experience with our first child. It’s really a life-changing experience. The thrill of having our second baby is beyond words as our first but this time there are more considerations while preparing for the coming of our 2nd child.

So what are the notable experiences when you prepare and as you go through your 2nd (maybe 3rd, 4th, or 5th child..) kid? Sharing our experiences so you know some things are just normal to feel and experience during pregnancy and raising kids:

  • Since we kept all the things of our first born properly and we bought white newborn stuff and the big baby things like strollers, carriers, and playpen are all neutral colors, our baby boy will be using them too! Meaning less purchases that’s for sure.
  • Because we’re also busy with our first born (her developments, her doctor’s appointments, taking care of her), organizing the things and preparations are more challenging now.
Our baby girl. 3 days old in the hospital bed.
  • Less maternity clothes to buy. Keep all clothes you wore during your first pregnancy so you don’t need to buy (even the shoes or slippers).
  • Let’s face it, in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pregnancies, the excitement of all the people around you are less intense than the first. The first pregnancy will get all the parties like gender reveal, baby shower, etc. That’s okay. With all the busy stuff in your family life, these things are not just the markers of wonderful pregnancies and childbirth.
  • It’s funny how in your first pregnancy, you will monitor your baby everyday and every week- what fruit size he/she is already and what the developments are in your tummy and about your preggy self. You will read all the books you can on pregnancy and motherhood. While in the 2nd and other pregnancies, you sometimes forget how many weeks are you in and you will forget reading this time around 🙂
  • In the next pregnancies, you will always be wiser in your purchases. Marketing tactics won’t entice you as much as the first kid and first pregnancy. You now know what are the needs and wants that will fit your lifestyle and style of childcare.
  • I’m more tired now than the first pregnancy since taking care of our little girl takes a lot of energy because she’s such a tiny ball of energy herself. She’s at the stage when she’s exploring and walking or running around! Good thing we found a good nanny for her 🙂
  • I am more confident now when it comes to childcare, teething, changing diapers, bath times, breastfeeding, or when the baby’s sick. The experience I had with the first pregnancy and childcare will give me more confidence, guidance, and maturity to handle every single day without making small challenges appear to be big ones. Motherhood becomes more of a second nature now. Nothing beats experience.
  • I know I will be more exhausted now and in the coming months since I have two kids to take care of (a 1 year old and a newborn!) and think about. But I am up to this challenge since I have a supportive husband, family, and friends in my life! Thank you Lord! Challenge accepted wholeheartedly! Kids are magical blessings from above!
How time flies! Our baby girl at 1 month here.
  • 2nd pregnancy, in my experience, gave me more pounds, appetite, and I’ve mastered by pregnant body more. Since I know how it is to be pregnant the first time, I know how to gauge how long my walks are going to be. I don’t get paranoid with every tinge or weird movements in my tummy. I am cautious still on what I eat but not as scared as my first pregnancy.
  • During this pregnancy, since we have another baby around, time for couple dates are way lesser than the first. Of course, this is expected and our quick dates even mean more now. Find time to spend quality time as a couple too. Husbands- please extend more support, care, and patience to your wives okay?
  • I have to think about the feelings of my first born now. How she will react to the baby, how I will explain everything to her, how to tell her to be gentle? I know that at her age, it will be another challenge for us to make her understand things but with proper guidance and example it will be all okay. I will try to be more and more patient in everything and teach our first born how to help mom take care of the little baby.  Early on my pregnancy, we are trying to explain to her where her baby brother is and we show her other babies when we see them around the malls and in pictures or television. It will help to orient her how small babies look like.
  • This time around, the husbands need to take extra steps to help you. They will probably need to do the groceries themselves, take care of the firs born  more or the newborn. Also, help from others like family members or helpers will be needed.
A father’s love knows no limits!
  • In your 2nd (3rd or 4th) pregnancy, try as much to have your me-time.  May it be as simple as time to read when your babies are asleep. It will help your mind and body relax even for a while. Take time to indulge in little pleasures that will make you happy (to lessen those motherhood blues). There’s nothing wrong in taking care of your own needs too. Pamper yourself a little too.

When things have settled in, I’m sure the physical and emotional chaos are nothing compared to the wonderful things a larger family brings! 🙂

So here’s how big I am with my baby boy at 35 weeks ! We’ll see you soon our Matteo Paolo! 🙂


“Labor is the only blind date where you will meet the love of your life.”

“Truthfully, being pregnant is changing me as a person. Each day is part of this amazing journey that has completely shifted the focus of my life and made me reevaluate my personal and professional goals.” – Holly Madison

Happy Week ahead!

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