Funny & Real things people say to Pregnant Women

While waiting for my turn in the mall today, I looked back on the almost 2 years I’m pregnant and I find myself smiling by myself on all of the stuff I heard from the people around me – family, friends, strangers, and new friends.

A woman will never get used to being pregnant -that’s for sure. The tummy may still be too small to feel that there’s a baby inside but women have to consciously think about it so they would be cautious in all things you do and eat. The tummy may also be in its medium size when it looks like a beer belly  or maybe just overeating- the awkward stage. Or it can be so big that the weight heavy tummy will make a preggy woman walk like an injured penguin. At any stage, a woman will receive many comments, compliments, and advices from the people around her. Don’t get them wrong, they just want to express their love and concern (sometimes, a little too much 😉 ).


So here are some things people say to pregnant women (in English, Filipino, and Taglish):

  • You don’t look pregnant at all. So blooming!
  • Parang busog ka lang.
  • Madami ka atang kinakain lately? (maybe because I need it?)
  • Talaga? How many months are you again? Ang liit naman (referring to your tummy)
  • Talaga? How many months? Eh parang due ka na!
  • Malapit na pala yan (when you’re at your 2nd trimester). Good luck!
  • How many pounds did you gain na?
  • Nagkalaman ka na. Mas bagay!
  • Go, ok lang yan. Eat eat eat.. You have a reason to be big.
  • Ay ang taba mo na! (Uh.. I know thanks! Haha!)
  • You’re big na.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll loose all the fats after. (I’m not even worried.. thanks!)
  • You’re blooming! Girl right?
  • Ay boy siguro yan! (because I look bad? Haggard?)
  • Really boy? Pero blooming ka naman. No pimples., smooth skin.
  • Wow di ka manas? And yung nose mo di namamaga? (Should it be? Haha)
  • You have big nose na!
  • We’re not used to you having a big belly. (Me too)
  • Bakit malambot? (While touching my tummy)
  • Is this planned?
  • Congrats! So excited!!! What gender do you want?
  • Again??? Wow, congrats!
  • Wow! Another one?
  • Wow, didn’t know you’re pregnant (in my 3rd trim already)
  • Enjoy being pregnant because once you pop, you won’t get enough rest anymore.
  • This is the time you feel most beautiful (really? Some minutes yes, mostly no)
  • This is the time your husband will pay most attention to you and you will get pampered the most.
  • Pretty buntis!
  • Wow almost there! Where will you give birth?
  • You look healthy and well. Who’s your OB?
  • Pregnant again? You really wanted that?
  • Grabe, hard at work.. double time? Pregnant again! (Jokingly)
  • You look so calm and composed. How do you do it?
  • Idol!
  • You’re life will never be the same again once you give birth. (Yes, it was better than ever everyday)
  • How can you still carry your 1 year old at 8 months? (Because when you’re a mom, you just can and have to do some things for your kids)
  • Your hips got bigger.
  • You have that pregnant woman glow!
  • You’re prettier during the first pregnancy (ugh.. thanks ah!)

There’s probably more but these are basically the funny ones that I remember. Of course advice are always welcome and I thank each one who gave all the help they can during these years of pregnancies. It’s something moms will never forget. 9 months of weird feeling and happy movements in your belly – priceless. It’s really funny how people become so honest and how they tell you the truth.

Of course, preggy ladies will get affected with all the comments and reactions (remember, they are at their most emotional stages in life). For the preggy women, know yourself and know that these things are temporary. These are all physical changes that people see. The more important thing is what you feel inside and the anticipation of a new baby is something that happens once or several times in a lifetime. Appreciate and savor everyday of your pregnancy (even if sometimes you want it over and done with because of all the hormonal changes and weird feelings you are going through).

For those who encounter pregnant women around, try to give them a little encouragement. Keep some negative comments to yourself. It will help her a lot! Giving pregnant women all the support and encouragement are the best things we can do for her. Carrying life for 9 months is not a joke and not an easy responsibility but it’s the greatest gift. I now have a deeper appreciation and admiration to al the moms, my mom, and moms-to-be out there (hint hint… Mother’s day soon- May 8!)

my first and second babies 🙂



Thank God I laugh it all off and I don’t get too emotional and affected by the people around me. Don’t let hormones take over and ruin your day or ruin the pregnancy! Women are in full bloom when pregnant (although not all look their best physically) and they will soon give the greatest contribution they can give to humanity – LIFE.

So next time you see a pregnant woman, give love and encouragement. They’ll hug you for that! 🙂

“I grow humans. What’s your superpower?”

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