Aaah! Pregnancy Massages

Updated as of April 10, 2018. The services for prenatal massage is no longer available. Prenatal massages are offered in The Spa, Neo Day Spa too. You can check them out. Thank you to Kristine King for the update ❤️

Pregnancy is a gift, a beautiful challenge, and a miracle.

Some people tell me that I must be an expert already in pregnancy and I’m probably so used to it just because I’ve been pregnant twice since June 2014. Of course not! I think no woman will ever be used to be being pregnant.

Pregnancy is a gift that women are so blessed to receive and experience. Let’s face it, not all women are meant to get pregnant and conceive a child but everyone can be a parent in so many ways- act like parents and good examples to your siblings and friends or be a parent through adoption. We all have the gift of parenthood in us whether we take care of a community, other people, our family, or our friends. It will depend on our calling as warriors of goodness and love.

Yes, pregnancy is also a challenge- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The entire 9 months will be filled with hormonal changes which may manifest in the form of emotional outbursts, cravings, weight gain, swollen feet, acne, and other motherly behaviors like nesting (when one has a deep inlcination to prepare the home for the baby’s arrival). This is why every pregnant woman needs a lot of support throughout this period from friends, family, and of course, her partner. Just imagine, how life grows inside of another person-the bodily changes plus the weird feelings! Sometimes women need constant assurance that they are doing well and looking great with pregnancy. Yes, the simple compliments help guys! 😉 But in the end, the challenge becomes the most beautiful one a woman will ever take. Also, despite all of life’s changes in this childbearing months, let not pregnancy distract you from your good relationship with God Almighty. Always have time for Him.


Another fact of pregnancy is that pregnant women need pampering too! Therefore, a good massage! Woohoo! Oh yes, it is safe if your doctor advises you that you can have a massage. But it’s not just a normal massage, it needs to be a prenatal massage. I’ve never tried it during my first pregnancy but now I made sure I did. Since I still carry around my young toddler a lot at 30 weeks, my legs and arms deserve all the relaxation it can get (hahaha!)

What’s a prenatal massage?

All I knew before I personally experienced it was that it’s a little special since preggies cannot lie on their bellies. Also, the pressure should only be light in a prenatal massage. But now after experiencing it, I realized that it’s a special massage therapy that can help promote wellness, better relaxation of the muscles for all those stiff or sore and tired muscles. It is actually a good compliment to prenatal care.  It a massage with a pressure that flows smoothly over your muscles and body that you feel so relaxed after. I also fell asleep which never happened in any of my massages! For the preggies out there, make sure you consult your doctor before deciding to get a prenatal massage.

Prenatal massage may have so many potential benefits but of course it varies per person. It may reduce anxiety or stress, may provide better sleep, reduce swelling, relieve backaches, give better blood circulation, less tension and irritability, and possibly many more.

It was a relaxing experience for me. One of the many massages I had in my life that I’ll never forget. It was the most needed massage at this time in my life 🙂

There’s Prelabor and Post natal massages too!

The masseuse told me that prelabor massage is when all the massages and pressures that are not allowed for pregnant women will then be allowed in a prelabor massage. Meaning it may be really similar to a regular massage already but still needs a masseuse’s careful expertise.

While a post natal massage is a special massage therapy after giving birth. It eases body tensions especially in the back and hip area since they are tensed parts of a woman’s body after childbirth. Aside from  some me-time (which is a really good break from the increasing demands of motherhood), it has a lot of potential good benefits too. It may reduce postpartum stress, relax tired muscles, lessen those baby blues, and a lot more.

*** Always request for your doctor’s go signal before proceeding to any massage therapy session. Not all pregnant women (depending on how delicate or not the pregnancy is)) can get these massages. Please exercise caution at all times.

Where did I get my prenatal massage?

There is good one in my Obstetrician’s clinic. I wanted to try those offered in regular spas but I wanted to be on the safe side and found this one more affordable too. Since they only do pregnancy massages, I think this is the best place to get one. The masseuse just concentrates on prenatal, pre labor, and post natal massages and it’s not commercialized. I love services and products given and made by small and medium enterprises for sometimes they give more quality to its customers than those mass produced and from big businesses.

The massage room is located in the clinic and with my doctor’s go signal I scheduled at once and tried it out. Only one person at a time gets a massage in one room so you get the feel of a private room which you pay premium in regular spas. The aura is perfect and the setup is calm and peaceful (with the relaxing instrumental music).

As I entered the room, I was given slippers, a clean robe, and a lovely capiz case for my jewelries and valuables. There’s a designated place for my bag too. The room was dimly lit. There’s a private and very clean comfort room I could use too and the rest of my experience sent me adrift to relaxation land!

After the massage there was an all-natural ginger tea that waited for me at a nearby desk. I cannot even put into writing how the feeling was exactly. It was like a very very good massage after running a 21k marathon! Whew! I should’ve done this during my first pregnancy too. But that’s okay since I relaxed at home everyday after I left the corporate world after the first trimester of my first pregnancy.

Everything’s pretty for mommy! 🙂

I recommend going to Mother’s Wellness and Therapy. Have a clearance from your OB or if none, my very skilled OB (Dra. Ana Madamba-Burgos) would like to check also before proceeding to the massages. How safe is that for the baby and mommy right?

I will be back for more before I give birth that’s for sure! 🙂

Let me know if you want to visit Mother’s Wellness and Therapy in Makati City (Philippines) 🙂 Email me at

“Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.” – Erma Bombeck

Pregnancy is such a wonderful miraculous journey for both moms and dads!


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