Basic Swimwear & Aids for Babies & Toddlers

Summer’s already full blast here in Manila! So it’s time to bring swimwear and aids for swimming. Whether we’ll swim in a pool or the beach, as always, we’d like to keep everything basic and safe for our children. It will be so much fun and memorable for the whole family and the kids if you go on a beach adventure or go swimming in the pool. You can actually even just swim in your garage or backyard in an inflatable pool!

I’m sharing our little one’s summer swimwear and aids. We had to wait until her skin matured and developed a little bit more before we expose it to chlorine for a pool swim or salt water for beach swim. She still has eczema every now and then until now. Hope you find these helpful in packing stuff for kids.


1. Zoggs Neoprene Swim Jacket  – Chose this color so our baby boy can use it also in the future. You can use any type of floating aids for kids aside from a swim vest. There are different kinds out there like arm floaters, foam floater plates, ring or round floaters, floater belts, ride-on inflatables, kick boards, or other floaters available in the market.

2. Charlie Banana Swim Diaper and Training Pants – Chose this since it’s reusable, uses organic cotton, and aside from being a swim diaper it can be used as training pants too.

3. Hello Kitty bathing suit by Arena– We purchased this from a sports shop. Aside from it’s attractive and cute design for girls, we’d like to give our baby the comfort and quality of a good swimwear. We also have a haltered bathing suit with a skirt and a rash guard swimwear for her. This is the chance for you to chose the style of swimwear for your baby.

4. Banana Boat Kids Suncreen lotion SPF/ UVB 50+– Chose since it’s tear-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and water resistant. There are a lot of sunscreen lotions out there for kids just make sure you have one. It’s to protect your baby’s delicate skin.

  • Available in leading department stores, Watsons, and Mercury Drug Stores nationwide.

5. Hello Kitty beach/ swim ball – Just wanted to bring something our kid can play with in the pool (plus it matches her bathing suit too! 🙂 ). You can bring other kids of swimming toys to keep swimming an enjoyable activity for your kids.

  • Toys R Us branches nationwide

6. Adidas Akwah kids sandals – This type of sandals can be worn even in the beach. They are water resistant and easy to clean (just wipe). They’re also easy to wear and remove.

  • Adidas stores in leading shopping malls nationwide. Although not all stores may have available stocks.

7. Towel – We use any kind of towel for our little one. Didn’t purchase any of the fancy kiddie towels. Some are too overpriced for me. But you may use robe or kiddie towels to keep your kids warm and dry when they take swim breaks.

Hope you got a few tips from our swim gears. Enjoy the summer heat with your family and kiddos!

“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever” 🙂


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